Necromancer Rising Book Cover Necromancer Rising
A Raedan Warrior Novel, Book 1
Ashton Abbott
Fantasy Shifter Romance
Independently published
March 6, 2020

The delicate balance of this world is threatened when Babd, goddess of war, is unleashed. With the help of other immortals drawn to her cause, she seeks to free her sisters and merge with them once more to form The Morrigan.

Adeline Verone was prophesied to be the Queen of the Dead, the most powerful necromancer to ever grace this earth. The problem? She can’t access her powers. A group of immortals make it their mission to capture her, forcing Adeline to run for her life…and when that doesn’t work; to trust a brooding werewolf that is hiding an agenda of his own.

William Flynn had his life turned upside down at the loss of his brother. When a witch falls under his protection he makes the choice to betray her in order to protect his pack. He didn’t realize how much he would regret that decision.

Can Adeline and William ally for the sake of defending the world against The Morrigan, goddess of war, fate, and death? Or will William’s betrayal and the uncontrollable lust they feel for one another be their downfall?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When Adeline Verone’s grandmother revealed the prophecy that she would become the Queen of the Dead her family became a target and now she is all that is left of her family and running is her life. Desperate for a feeling of normalcy she finally allows herself to go to a club and the night led to her death.

William Flynn is a werewolf and an immortal who live among mortals but keep their existence a closely guarded secret. William made a serious mistake when he trusted a witch who convinced him she had information about his missing brother, unfortunately it was a mistake that came close to ending his life until a beautiful girl came up from the earth and saved the day. Adeline has been able to resurrect herself and her fight with the other witch gave Will the time he needed to kill her. What he didn’t know and what Adeline didn’t know was that the witch was able to get off another spell putting her in a coma that would require help getting her out of.

Will takes her to Celeste, a priestess who is able to revive Adeline and at the same time bind her powers. Will does not know this witch and from what he can tell her powers are huge and binding them is in the best interest of his pack and himself. When Addie wakes up she takes comfort in Will not realizing that he is the one responsible for her having no power but she feels a sense of comfort with him and a very strong feeling of attraction. Will wants her even though the idea of him wanting a witch is hard to comprehend but he will not push a relationship with her even though she seems more than willing because of the guilt he feels for betraying her.

Three goddesses who have been imprisoned will release the Morrigan, The Phantom Queen if they reunite and it is a fight to destroy them. With Addie’s powers she has the hope to destroy the Morrigan before she is able to destroy everything.

Demons, werewolves, goddesses and a variety of other paranormals in addition to Addie a necromancer with enormous powers that could easily turn her from good to evil, betrayal, violence and sex, wow. What happens between her and Will and the war between good and evil is something you should not miss.