Never Let You Go Book Cover Never Let You Go
Forever Yours Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
September 8, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the sequel to Can’t Live Without You another amazing book by Andrew Grey, but if you ask this reviewer every book he writes is amazing.

Ashton Willams and Brighton Phillips have been friends since they were twelve, a friendship that became much more when they realized that they loved each other. Ash joined the Army and every time he went on a mission it was Brighton who waited for him to return. Finally, Ash was on his last mission but everything went wrong and he did not return. Everyone presumed that he was dead and Brighton now realized his worst fears.

Ash was a prisoner for months until he was rescued. He lived in darkness and only the thought Brighton’s face brought light to his misery. When he was rescued he was broken both mentally and physically and the only one he was allowed to contact was his Aunt Petey. For almost a year Ash lived in the hospital and when he finally left to find Brighton he found him with another man. Now Ash’s pain was complete, the man he loved, the man who was his other half found someone new. Ash left without letting Brighton now he was still alive, Brighton found someone who hopefully would love him and make him happy, Ash couldn’t only offer him half a man.

Ash would have loved to move out of his small town but his Aunt was in a nursing home since she broke her hip and he was determined to bring her home and care for her the way she cared for him when his parents died. He knew he would have to face the very real possibility that he would see Brighton again but he had no choice. He did see him again only this time with the same man and a little girl, Brighton had a family and there was no room for him.

What Ash didn’t know was the Brighton never stopped loving him and the little girl was his niece who his sister asked him to care for when the cancer she had finally took her. The man was Brighton’s cousin who was helping him raise little five year old Violet but Ash never went beyond what he saw and never investigated what was going on in Brighton’s life. It wasn’t until Brighton finally saw Ash that he revealed everything but he couldn’t believe that Ash stayed away from him for almost two years and although the love was still there he was finding it hard to trust Ash. Ash always left, will he leave again.

Ash and Brighton have a lot to work through but when Ash discovers that someone from his past is back everything would once again change. Ash was ready to run again only this time to protect the people he loved, but would that explanation be enough for Brighton or would he once again see the man he loves run away.