Nevermore Book Cover Nevermore
Raven Crawford, Book 2
J.C. McKenzie
Paranormal, Futuristic, Comedy, Romance
J. C. McKenzie
November 10, 2019

Rundown waitress, part-time private investigator, and half-fae shifter, Raven Crawford, always gets the opposite of what she wants most. She works two jobs but can’t pay the bills. Her confrontation with Queen Lloth has unexpected and unfortunate consequences, and her love life is a hot mess.

With failure and disappointment honed to painful perfection, Raven’s life is riddled with complications, including her troublesome attraction to the lethal Lord of Shadows. When her latest case leads to a group hell-bent on destruction, she must decide who to trust. Will she choose wisely, or will she fail once again and become the next casualty in a war between the Mortal Realm and the Underworld?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When we pick up after book one nothing much has changed for Raven. She still works two jobs—one as a waitress at Dan’s Diner, and one as a private investigator for her family’s business. This is a series that must be read in order. If you read book one a Conspiracy of Ravens, then you are aware of the fact that Raven was responsible for the death of Lloth the Corvid Queen only unbeknownst to her that death would seriously impact her life.

Then two jobs come up for Raven, a teacher suspected of faking her injuries to collect Workmen’s Compensation and Sarah, Raven’s ex-fiance Roberts new fiance. Sarah suspects Robert of disappearing and is sure he is having an affair, not surprising after what he did to Raven when they were engaged. It would turn out that these two cases would be linked, and this was just the beginning of the troubles that would plague Raven.

Raven is still fighting her feelings for Cole Camhanaich the Lord of Shadows and his determination to protect her would lead to surprises and secrets. The death of the Corvid Queen has put a target on Raven and her family and has brought her to the attention of the Underworld.

Raven is such a unique character and she brings humor to an otherwise serious story. Her life is filled with secrets and surprises, and some of them can be heartbreaking. She has so much to learn about being an Other, and of course Cole as taken on the role of instructor. I can think of worse things. There is much more coming in book three and so much more that Raven will have to face. Although I know the story is not finished yet, there is no cliffhanger—well not one that would make me want to throw my book across the room.