Noble Intentions Book Cover Noble Intentions
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 12, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Robert Ashton gave up the idea of a high powered law practice in London to be an advocate. He wanted to help people who couldn’t afford an expensive barrister. He along with others who felt the same opened a small practice in a small town and everything was exactly how he wanted it until the day a barrister came to look him up.

It seems that Robert’s uncle the Earl of Hantford died and as the only living heir Robert inherited the family estate, Ashton Park and a home in London. Robert never knew about that part of his family since his mother never mentioned it. When his mother married someone her brother disagreed with he disowned her. His mother never looked back and had a happy life and raised a son she loved. Now Robert is an Earl with an estate a home in London and no money. The estate is in horrible condition and if something isn’t done Robert will owe millions in death taxes.

Robert’s mother knew her brother was an unfit Earl but the estate was where she was born and raised and didn’t want to lose it so she had a suggestion one many of the nobility had followed. Robert needs money and his title has value so he needs to find someone to marry with money who wants a title. Of course being gay Robert may have a tough time finding someone.

Daniel Fabian is a man who went to a very exclusive prep school on scholarship and never fit in. He was always made to feel like a second class citizen but now he is the owner of a huge internet business and he made the money on his own. He has a reunion coming up and is talked into joining a matchmaking company with the hope of finding someone with a title to shove into everyones face. This was the same company that Robert joined and they managed to be set up. Robert needs marriage and money and Daniel wants a title, a marriage that could supply both men with what they needed.

What neither man counted on was having feelings for each other but they decided to keep it a business relationship. Daniel saw redoing Ashton Park as a new and exciting adventure and becoming a Count was a bonus. Everything seemed perfect but life is not like that and both their lives changed in ways they could never have expected.

Two men each seeking something, money and title and finding out that neither of those things are important. They find something they never expected to find but they would have to give up what they wanted. What happens between Robert and Daniel makes for a wonderful read and I read it in just a few hours. Like all of Andrew Grey’s books it was uplifting and not once boring.