Not a Chance Book Cover Not a Chance
The Enchantlings Series Book 2
Maureen L. Bonatch
YA Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
October 31, 2018

The last thing Hope Hallows wants is to become the latest headline. Living in a town that likes secrets, she prefers to keep hers hidden. Avoiding a nosy reporter’s questions about her ability to infuse euphoria or despair with a single touch, and those who crave this bliss, is nothing new. But having her brother’s annoying girlfriend, Berta, go missing is—especially when it makes Hope suspect number one.

As a triplet, her resemblance to her beloved dead sister causes her family to grieve even more, and her escalating supernatural skills makes Griffith, her half-human-half-Oppressor boyfriend, wary. He wants to put his unsavory past behind him—this could include Hope—since her abilities remind him of the Underworld.

In her desperate search to find Berta, she stumbles across a tunnel. Phantom voices within whisper that evil has been waiting for a new leader—and isn’t she lucky, they’ve chosen Hope.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Hope Hallows is still trying to fit in with her new family and new town. It has been six months since she was reunited with her Aunt Ruthie and brother Chance after the death of her Aunt Tessa. Hope was the oldest of triplets and has the ability to give or take away hope and happiness and since the death of her sister Destiny she has inherited her gift of foretelling.

Hope works at a bar along with Chance’s girlfriend Berta, a girl she doesn’t trust and who she definitely dislikes. Berta is the kind of girl who men want to be with and she never hesitates in trying to reform Hope both in her attire and her attitude. The one bright spot for Hope is her boyfriend Griffith an Oppressor with abilities of persuasion who is determined to rein in his evil nature. Every time Hope loses control of her abilities it is Griffith who tries to rein her in because his emotions are mixed, when she uses her gift it excites him and at the same time he is trying to keep from letting his Oppressor side free.

When a reporter shows up at the bar determined to find out about Hope her greatest fears are realized, he could reveal what she is and destroy the life she is building and when she lets loss with her gift it is Griffith that stops her from killing him. Chance is very much in love with Berta and wants Hope to give her a chance and when Hope does it comes to a bad end. Challenging Berta to a bike ride in the woods Berta disappears leaving everyone to wonder if Hope was responsible. Determined to find Berta hopefully alive and well Hope searches for her going into the woods where the Oppressors hang out risking her own life.

The first half of this book was slow moving but the second half was exciting and we discovered who took Berta and what was done to her. The author did a very good job of bringing the reader up on what previously occurred in book one although I still would recommend reading this series in order. I did not truly understand what the Enchanglings were and I am sure if I had read the first book it would all have been clear to me.