Nothing to Lose Book Cover Nothing to Lose
Dangerous Protectors Book 3
Regan Black and Debra Webb
Urban Fantasy
D & R Books
February 27, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Imagine being out there in the field as a Protector and having one person to call and talk to, or flirt with, or ask for help. Claudia Mitchell is the voice of the Guardian Agency. Each protector isn’t quite sure if she is theirs alone or works with many. All that is important is that she is ‘there’ when they need her. Her skills on the computer are invaluable to them 24/7

Claudia requests time off for a family emergency. Nate Jennings is the Protector who has been mesmerized by the voice of Claudia when in the field. Claudia is used to being alone, as her past is slowly revealed in this BEST OF THE SERIES story Nothing to Lose.  Unknown to her, Nate is sent by the director of the Agency to help Claudia find her sister. It is not something done lightly, as she is highly regarded.

Ms Black and Ms Webb have saved the best for last in this wonderful, highly intense mystery thriller. Everything you could want is in this story. It’s a wild, cannot put it down kinda book, and I am so sorry to have this series end.

Both of the characters have pasts that have molded them into who they are today. The meshing of this story line and the two characters who thwart evil is a mastery of writing. High five to these wonderful story tellers. I’m looking forward to their next project together.