Omega Required Book Cover Omega Required
Dessa Lux
LGBT, Gay, Romance, Paranormal, Shifters
Amazon Digital Services LLC
April 3, 2018

Alpha werewolf Beau Jeffries has been going it alone ever since he was cast out of his pack as a teenager for trying to help a human and endangering the pack’s secrets during the tumultuous years when the wider world was learning the truth about werewolves. He hasn’t lost his drive to help others, and he’s about to begin a prestigious medical residency--only to learn that, as the first werewolf the program has knowingly accepted, he’ll have to follow special rules, including the one that requires him to be married when he begins his residency.

Omega werewolf Roland Lea is just trying to survive. After escaping the last and worst in a string of abusive relationships that left him scarred and unable to conceive, he’s found safety in a refuge for homeless omegas. But despite the help he’s getting at the refuge, he just keeps getting sicker instead of better, further and further from being able to make it on his own. When he’s offered the opportunity to sign up with a mate-matching agency, he figures he has nothing to lose. No alpha is ever going to want an omega like him.

When Beau sees Roland's profile, he knows at once what's making the omega sick, and he's determined to help. If he can persuade Roland to marry him, he can save Roland's life while Roland helps him get through his residency. But will their hasty partnership be enough to bring them both through what's ahead--and can temporary necessity lead to a forever love?

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This was a very sweet love story about two werewolves an Omega, Roland Lea and an Alpha, Beau Jeffries. Both men were without packs and both of them had suffered in the past leaving behind family and pack.

Beau is now being considered for a residency program fulfilling his desire to be a doctor and treat humans. He is accepted to the Rochester Clinic a world renowned clinic specializing in difficult cases but he has to meet certain criteria to be accepted. First he has to befriend a pack and most importantly he has to be married. A pack and marriage would show stable bonds.

Roland has lived a very sad life being constantly mistreated by the alphas he believed would keep him safe. After years of abuse he finally got up the strength to leave and go to the Omega Refuge for help. It was through a mate matching company that both Roland and Beau met. Roland needed to find an alpha who would treat him right and Beau needed a temporary husband. In spite of the fact that it was obvious that Roland was very ill and had been addicted to wolfsbane and was now taking suppressants to keep from going into heat he signed up with the match making company . The suppressants were being taken without the aid of a midwife and now he was thin, losing his hair, having difficulty with his vision and was walking death.

Although Roland was sure that no alpha would take him in his current condition it was exactly why Beau did. Beau decided that if he had to take a mate it would be one he would be able to help and Roland was in desperate need of help. For years Roland was forced to wear a silver collar keeping him from being able to shift or fight now his scars are a constant reminder of what he went through.

Beau turns out to be the very alpha Roland needs and his health begins to improve but now his biggest worry is that Beau would want him to leave once his residency was over. Roland was finally beginning to feel safe but he couldn’t get rid of the fear he had completely. Beau began to welcome having a husband and someone to come home to after a very hard day at the clinic and Roland was still trying not to do anything that would anger his husband. Watching them as they grow closer and begin to bond was one of the best parts of the book.

My problem with the book was the part the omega’s played and their need for an alpha, an alpha who was in total control of them. I felt at times that the omega, alpha relationship was abusive and I had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that the omega whether male or female was the ones who had babies and raised them. The story was also slow moving at times.

I want to express the fact that my rating is the minority not the majority since most of the reviews were between four or five stars but I did enjoy the story just there were some parts that I couldn’t quite accept or relate to.