Omega Untamed Book Cover Omega Untamed
The Omega Misfits Book 6
Wendy Rathbone
MM Paranormal Romance
Eye Scry
September 15, 2020

Kee is a beautiful Omega and popular rent boy living in a part of Old Town called the Trenches. He’s also an untamable addict.

Wild and troubled, Kee is kidnapped by Alpha drug lords who think he knows too much.

Trapped, Kee longs for a way out of the hole he’s dug for himself...but who would rescue a crazy Omega sex worker?

One Alpha will. His name is Bast. Bast knows he can’t tame Kee through kindness, but he still wants him for his very own.

Kee needs an Alpha who will take control, hold him down, keep him from the worst of himself. Turns out, Bast is the very man for the job.

Non-shifter omegaverse, mpreg, rescue, an uninhibited Omega, a tough Alpha with a heart of gold, daddy care, bonding/knotting and HEA.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another wonderful addition to a must read series. This book like the others does not disappoint and the main characters are amazing. Kee an Omega and Bast an Alpha meet in a very unusual way, well not unusual, dangerous. Myre a drug pin had two of his best dealers arrested and believes that Kee is the informer. Kee is a wild street kid who needs sex every bit as much as he needs his drugs and alcohol and Myre is convinced that he opened his big mouth and rated them out to the police. Locked in a cage and tortured for answers he doesn’t have he is sure that his life has finally come to an end and not a pleasant one.


Myre’s bodyguard Bast is in charge of watching over him and in spite of being ordered not to give Kee any food or water Bast hands him a cup of soda. Kee has a feeling that there is something more to Bast than meets the eye but when he is taken to, undoubtedly the place he will be laid to rest it is Bast who digs a grave, covers it and tells Kee to hide. Promising to return Kee waits believing what Bast said and with his broken finger and injured toe he had no way of getting out of the woods on his own anyway.


Bast takes him home and has to hope that Kee’s addiction and lack of drugs will keep him from doing something crazy while Bast is at work. Myre has Bast on call at all hours and sometimes for days. Any chance he gets to leave he returns to the apartment hoping that Kee is doing okay and so far he is doing what Bast asked of him. Kee hates being alone and never had to survive without having sex or drugs now his life is in jeopardy and he is once again a prisoner but this time for his own good.


Bast fights to curb his attraction to Kee knowing that if he gives in when it is safe for him to leave he will once again return to his wild lifestyle and to the drugs he still craves. Kee has been with many alphas but never once did he feel what he feels with Bast, safe and cared for but he has no illusions that anything can happen between them, Bast is a criminal and Kee is an addict. There is sex and surprises and not once was I bored.


This series is quite unique since there are no women and the omegas are the ones that become pregnant and have the children. Omegas are second class citizens always under an alpha’s rule unable to even have a bank account without an alpha being with them. Although each story is a standalone I would highly recommend reading them all since each one is worth your time a