One Good Deed Book Cover One Good Deed
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 9, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Thirty-four year old Luka Krachek has just taken his first step on American soil. Luka is from Belgrade, Serbia and has immigrated to the USA thanks to his cousin Josif, who has sponsored him. In Serbia, Luka worked for the government doing scientific research, but when his partner and love of his life, Misha, died he had nothing left where he was and wanted to move on. Luka has permission from the US, but he has not bothered to advise the Serbian government that he is leaving. Could this eventually be a problem?

With all the proper paper work in hand, he now faces a difficult transition. He has a limited use of English and now has to learn new customs and new foods, but he feels free. His cousin was able to get Luka a job working at a university in their genetics department, so Luka was off to a good start—or so he thought. At the airport, he is met by a friend of his cousin’s and told that Josif and his wife Bella were in a car accident leaving Josif dead and Bella in critical condition. Now his first duty is attending a funeral the very day he landed.

At the funeral he met a man who would change Luka’s life in many ways. Peter Montgomery is a social worker; in the evenings he helps people learn English. Fortunately for Luka, Peter speaks Serbian and he is willing to teach Luka. What Luka sees when he first looks into Peter’s eyes is sadness. Peter seems to be living in a world of hurt, but why? Now as Peter teaches Luka English, Luka is trying to change his look of sadness into a look of happiness. The only thing Luka knows is Peter is convinced he doesn’t deserve love, and no one could forgive him for what he did. What could he have possibly done that makes him feel unlovable?

Once again Andrew Grey has written a wonderful story filled with amazing characters. Luka is an immigrant who is determined to one day be a citizen. He is strong enough to not let Peter wallow in self-pity. You can’t help but love Luka and the type of man he is. Peter has spent his entire life blaming himself for something that happened when he was a child. With Luka’s help can he finally free himself of guilt and accept himself for who he is? Can these two men from two totally different places give each other what they both need and want, love?

Mr. Grey has the ability to put down on paper strong emotions that make you react. When he writes about the love between his characters you can feel it, not just the sex but the emotion. I suspect that the author has that kind of love in his life to be able to express it the way he does because it would take someone who lives it to tell it.