The Panther’s Lost Princess Book Cover The Panther’s Lost Princess
Redclaw Security Book 1
McKenna Dean
Paranormal Romance
Redclaw Publishing
September 3, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ellie West was abandoned at birth and grew up in foster care. The only thing left with her was a note that her parents would return for her and a necklace that she always kept. Now she is a waitress and will soon be auditioning on national television for a singing competition which she hopes will change her life. Her life will definitely change. It will have nothing to do with singing, but with meeting a man named Jack Ferris.

Jack works for Redclaw Security, a shifter investigative and security firm, and his mission is to return Ellie West aka Ariel deWinter to her grandfather. Ellie is the missing princess of the House of Gyrfalcon and her grandfather has searched for her ever since she went missing. The only problem facing Jack is that as soon as he saw Ellie at the diner, he knew she was his mate and returning her to her home would be very painful for him.

Ellie has no idea of who and what she is, but when she is attacked outside the diner it is a black leopard who comes to her rescue, and that black leopard is Jack. Now Ellie has one answer. She now knows who Jack is. She has a lot more to learn. When they are once again attacked at a safe house, he reveals all to her. Ellie has very strong feelings for Jack and acts on them as soon as they reach the safe house. She knows she will not be able to leave him easily, even though she has no idea she is his mate. When he explains to her that she, too, is a shifter, she has trouble accepting it. It turns out that the necklace left with her is more than just a piece of jewelry.

Once they are found at the safe house Jack begins to wonder who has betrayed them. On his own, he takes Ellie back to his home, a home he had to run away from when his uncle took over the clan. He knows he is risking their lives if his uncle finds out, but he has no choice. His only concern is Ellie’s safety. Jack’s mother explains everything to her about being a mate. Now she can understand her strong feelings for Jack. She is not willing to return to her home to be crowned and then married to the man picked for her. Does she have a choice?

I loved this book and Jack and Ellie. Ellie is not a tall, skinny girl in fact she is referred to as “zaftig” a word I haven’t heard or used in a long time. Zaftig is the total opposite of svelte. She has always been self-conscious about how she looks. The only thing she is not self-conscious about is her singing. There are surprises, secrets, sex, romance and a huge collection of shifters, birds, beavers, bears, and the list goes on. This book had it all and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.