Passion of a Witch Book Cover Passion of a Witch
A Wicked Series Book 1
K.D. Friedrich
Paranormal Romance
November 29, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Summer Leery and her younger sister, Winter, are at home while their parents are making final arrangements for Summer’s promising. Tradition dictates that witches breed a new untainted generation by marrying one of their own. An attack on their home by a group of men would change her life forever.

Summer dreads marrying someone she does not love, but will do her duty in spite of her sadness. After the house is attacked, she runs out and manages to find one of the men, Kian Lancaster, who was there but did not participate in the attack. From the minute the two see each other, they are attracted but he is human and she will be married in two weeks.

Kian’s mother is dying in a hospital which is being paid for by his very rich, very cruel and cold father. To get the special attention his mother needs, he signs a contract with his estranged father, or as he refers to him as a sperm donor. As long as Kian’s mother needs special care he will work alongside his father in spite of how much he hates him.

Kian’s father wants the woodlands which are owned by Summer’s family. He enlists Kian’s help in getting information he needs. While repairing the house, Kian falls more and more for Summer. It is something he is not used to. Kian never had a relationship and never wanted one, but suddenly he feels differently. Summer also feels strongly towards Kian, but she will not break from tradition and marry a human.

Much to Summer’s surprise, it is the Goddess who appears before her and insists that she teach Kian their ways, putting the two of them together. The Goddess is determined to welcome Kian into their world and Summer will do what she has to do. The more they are together, the stronger their relationship becomes. Kian is determined to have Summer and he will do whatever he has to keep her from marrying someone else. Unknown to him and Summer, there is a very strong reason why she must follow through on her promising, but I won’t reveal what it is.

Kian goes against his father and doesn’t reveal anything about the woodlands but that doesn’t stop his father from coming up with a new idea, one that Kian could never have expected. The Goddess is very busy trying to get Summer and Kian together. She is convinced their species will die out if they do not allow humans into their world.

This was a wonderful story filled with secrets, lies, surprises, sex, witches and shifters. It has everything you could want in a paranormal romance.