Passionate Destiny Book Cover Passionate Destiny
Dee S. Knight
Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance
Atlantic Bridge Publishing
March 22, 2005

Margaret Amis-Hollings makes a temporary move to an old house in Virginia, never suspecting she'll share it with a very loving ghost. Before she knows it, her life is intertwined with a soldier from a long past war and with his descendant, Aaron, the handsome, sexy man who's renovating the place. Sharing their lives is one thing. Sharing their destiny proves to be something else.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dr. Margaret Amis-Hollings is a professor of women’s studies at a college in New Jersey, but she became a victim of budget cuts and found herself unemployed. With the loss of her position she still had bills to pay and the future did not look promising. Divorced from her cheating husband who suddenly wants to get back together and a mother who is looking for her next husband she gets a letter that changes everything.

A distant relative, Maude Rawling, has left her an antebellum house with furnishings and 153 acres in Palmyra, Virginia, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for her. Of course, her plans of selling the estate hit a snag when she realizes the number of repairs necessary to meet inspection. At the recommendation of the lawyer she calls on Aaron Belton who is supposed to be the best contractor and most reliable. She has no idea that she has met Aaron at the gas station when she assumed he was there to fill her car, Margaret was not in New Jersey any more where you didn’t fill your own car, she has a lot to learn.

Aaron is anxious to work on the house he has always dreamed of owning, a house that if what his family always believed is true belonged to them. River Peace is his dream but not long after working with Margaret he begins to put her in that same position, a dream he hopes to see fulfilled.

Haunting the house is the ghost of Aaron Belton who died during the Civil War leaving behind the woman he loved and married, Margaret Thornton, a marriage no one was aware of so with no proof of the marriage the property was sold to another family. Margaret begins to believe in the ghost when he makes love to her each night, not the kind of love a man and woman feel but a sense of pleasure that leaves her hungry for more. The story of Margaret and Aaron from the war days is a sad one but now there is a new Margaret and Aaron, but will they find love.

Margaret has no faith in forever love thanks to her ex-husband and her mother, but she has no problem having erotic sex with a man who manages to push every button. This was such a beautiful love story and although at the beginning I did not like Margaret who insisted everyone call her Dr. Margaret Amis-Hollings and who was a snob since she never expected that a man who worked in construction could be her intellectual equal.

Alright, I did have one thing to complain about. A newborn baby in town was named Linda Elaine—a name everyone thought was stupid. I beg to differ. This very review is being written by Linda Elaine Tonis. Go figure that my name would be mentioned in a book—and no it is not stupid. LOL