Patriot's Courage Book Cover Patriot's Courage
Patriot Historical Romance
Penelope Marzec
Historical, Mystery, Suspense, Christian, Romance
Independently Published
September 11, 2020

In retaliation for his brother’s death, Ryan McGowan vows to kill every Indian in Ohio territory. When his captain assigns him to teach English to a woman found sobbing over a dead warrior, he resents the task. But the woman melts away his vengeance. He begins to understand the way to peace is through forgiveness. Then he learns the woman carries the child of her Indian husband in her womb.Màxkchulëns, a white woman adopted by the Lenape at the age of four, is confined at the fort and longs to return to her people. Though Ryan leads her to recall part of the faith her biological parents held dear, she struggles to understand it and the power of grace. Can she rely on that grace in desperate times? And will faith protect her unborn child?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team   

This is a story of courage, hate, revenge, lose and hope. When Ryan McGowan found his brother scalped and lying dead on their farm he immediately joined the army with vengeance his only motivation. Kill every indian he can. His brother was his twin and they moved together to property their father earned after fighting in the War of Independence only now there is nothing left but Ryan’s hate.  

After a brutal confrontation with the indians both sides had loses which is the way of any war but when he saw a redheaded girl with blue eyes he knew immediately she was not an indian and in spite of having injured himself he took the girl away from the indian she was crying over and brought her back to the fort.

It doesn’t take long before she is recognized and the General knows her father so he is determined to get her to read and write and be turned into a lady so she can take her rightful place in society. Her name is Nellie Evans whose parents died during a major storm and it didn’t matter that she wanted to return to her indian family and that she was loved by them and cared for, the choice was not hers.

Nellie remembered a bit about her parents, she was about four years old when they died and the Lenape tribe took her in as one of their own something that if reversed and it was an indian boy would probably not have ended as well. The dead man was her husband and now all she wants to do is escape and find her people but she is virtually a prisoner. Ryan is assigned the job of teaching her since he was a school teacher prior to the death of his brother and since he is injured he takes on the assignment.

Nellie and Ryan begin to see that there are two sides to every story, white men have taken the indian’s land, made promises they constantly break and they fight back. The white men retaliated and a war between the two did not seem to have an end in sight. Over time both Nellie and Ryan began to see that there are good and bad on both sides and without going into too much there is both a white man and an indian that prove to be soulless and totally without conscience.

When it is discovered that Nellie is pregnant Ryan immediately realizes that his desire to be with her can’t happen because she is carrying an indian baby so apparently he hasn’t really learned anything. What happens between the two of them is not something I will reveal. I will say that this was a beautiful story about forgiveness and realizing that in war there are always grieving families left behind on both sides.

This was a very inspirational story for anyone who loves that but in my case there was just too much scripture quoted and too much attention to religion.