Perfect Timing Book Cover Perfect Timing
Aimee Brissay
Paranormal Romance
July 25, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This was a very unique take on a shifter/vampire romance. Valentin Alekseev is a vampire who found his sire and his coven destroyed. Valentin welcomed eternity when his sire offered it to him but now he is alone and running for his life. He is dying and exhausted and decided to enter a tavern for a little rest risking being discovered. It was at the tavern that a young man walked in and immediately caught his eye. The attraction was strong but there was no way that he was risking an innocent when he is found by those hunting him. It is believed that Valentin knows the whereabouts of a very valuable stone and those who want it will stop at nothing to find him and get the information they seek.

The young man who entered the tavern was Shawn Dougal, a man who only had an interest in women until he looked into Valentin’s eyes. He could not understand his attraction to not only a man but a vampire. When Shawn is attacked Valentin doesn’t hesitate to save him and in spite of his desire not to involve him in his trouble he has no choice but to save Shawn. Shawn is not an ordinary man he is a jaguar shifter making the attraction between the two of them even more crazy because they are natural enemies. After Shawn’s mother died he left the Pride and now is on his own it was his very own step-brother who led the attack on him.

Now Shawn and Valentin are on the run and Valentin becomes weaker and sicker every day. Vampire’s are supposed to be immune to illness but something is killing Valentin, but what? He is unable to drink blood and is constantly throwing up and passing out. Shawn doesn’t quite understand his feelings for Valentin yet but he knows that he will do whatever he has to to save him. The relationship between Valentin and Shawn grows stronger and Shawn finally has the answer to why, an answer I am not going to reveal.

There is sex, actually hot sex, violence and surprises and secrets. The ending left an opening for a follow up book which I hope happens but none the less I was very satisfied with the way the book left off. Valentin and Shawn were amazing MC and I loved the dynamic between the two so I would love for there to be more. If you love vampire and shifter books then this is the one for you.