Phoenix Book Cover Phoenix
The Project Book 16
Alex Lukeman
Action Adventure
January 1, 2018

The president of the U.S. orders Director Elizabeth Harker of the Project to investigate the collision at sea of a U.S. Navy missile destroyer with a Chinese freighter. It may have been sabotage, and the president wants her to get to the bottom of it. But the assignment is not what it seems. Harker has an enemy in the White House who wants her to fail. The Project's continued existence is on the line.
In the cold reaches of the far north, a hidden supercomputer with malicious artificial intelligence is being used by a secret organization to drive the world to war. Disruptive attacks across the world begin to create deep suspicions between China, Russia, and America. Preparations for war escalate. As the war drums begin to beat, the Project team discovers a digital trail that could lead to whoever is trying to touch off a nuclear confrontation.
That makes the team a serious threat. They're getting too close to the truth, and the man behind the attacks decides to stop them. As the doomsday clock ticks toward zero, it's touch and go whether any of the team will get out alive, much less stop the certainty of nuclear war and mutual annihilation.
Will they survive long enough to stop the missiles from flying?

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Alex Lukeman ….I have been reading and enjoying this series since your first in the Project series,  White Jade released in 2012. We have spanned many years together with the members of the project under President Rice and Elizabeth Harker.

My marveling at your story telling is elicited in every review I write for this series. The racing heart, the sweaty palms and the internal cheers I give as I read are an ever lasting platitudes to your plot choices, your delivery, your descriptions, your pace….It all works!

Our weary but diehard cast have made them friends for the last six years. Injuries, marriages, pregnancies, and dedication to our country;  these fearless members of The Project.

With a new President in office in Washington, things are a changing, for this country and this group.  From what I can tell, after reading Phoenix, you will be directing the gang to a new path as well.  I champion you Alex Lukeman for the steady hand and wonderful stories you have graced us with in these 16 books. There is no need to spoil any part of this book with spoilers, only the hope that we will await The Phoenix to rise out of the ashes for another wonderful endeavor for us to join you on.

Always a 5***** read.