The Phoenix Predicament Book Cover The Phoenix Predicament
Jael Gates
Paranormal Romance
Uncial Press
June 16, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been three years since Kat Tremaine followed her boyfriend to Egypt in search of the Phoenix and it has been that long since she fell on and broke the Phoenix egg. Now every solstice and equinox Kim burns and rises as a new woman.

Kat has started an interior design company and has become very popular, so popular that she hires new women to work for her every time she becomes one. She has to pick a new name but keeps the initials KT, she has to come up with new illegal ID which she is able to do with help from Lilith who is a psychic and Kat’s boss on Saturdays when she sings at her club.

One night at a run down laundromat Kat meets Jase Cooper an ER doctor. They are the only two in the place and don’t hesitate to have sex with each other. Kat is used to one night stands since having a relationship is impossible when you become a new person every three months, but for some reason she wants to get to know Jase better.

Jase is a man who gives everything he has to helping people, he runs a free clinic, works at the hospital and leaves very little time for himself but he wants to spend what time he has with Kat. Over the time that Jase and Kat first met she has become two different women and each one slept with Jase. Jase seems to recognize Kat’s eyes and is convinced each time that he has met the woman he is sleeping with before. He knows something is going on but he has to get Kat to tell him what it is.

Whether Kat reveals her secret to Jase I won’t say, I will say that Jase has a secret of his own one that could change everything for Kat and him. I really loved this book, especially Jase and Kat.