Phoenyx in Flames Book Cover Phoenyx in Flames
Daisy St. James
Paranormal Romance
February 14, 2018

A Paranormal Romance where Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets True Blood & Lost Girl! Dive into a new series you won't be able to put down, where the Vampires don't sparkle and a whole new mythology is created...This is a love story with BITE!

As a child, Jane heard voices. Felt what others could feel.

She was witness to the things that went bump in the night and could tell a person's deepest, darkest thoughts with only a touch. Until tragedy changed her life completely, thrusting her into the care of Hutton Grimshaw.

Esteemed chair member of The Order of the Flame, Hutton does what he must. Training young Jane to be the one thing the shadows feared. Now, at the age of twenty-five, she is known as Phoenyx, the world's deadliest supernatural assassin.

The hard and fast rules change when she finds Judas, a vampire, suffering in a back alley with no memory of who he is, or why he's becoming more and more human every day. With a price on her head and the survival of humanity at stake, Phoenyx finds herself . . . Changing. Her true nature is slowly beginning to reveal itself and mysteriously, Hutton is the only one who seems to know why.

After years of taking down the supernatural beings that plague her hometown of Crystal Haven, Phoenyx finds herself teetering on the fine line between good and evil. While her attraction to Judas begins to consume her, growing like a fire out of control, one thing becomes undeniably clear . . .

If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

***Contains mature subject matter, sexual content, 18+ readers only.***

Meet a whole cast of characters: Vampires, Demons, Witches & Warlocks, and Succubi too. Trust us, you don't want to miss it!

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Phoenyx began life as Jane and at the age of five her mother died and she was taken in by Hutton Grimshaw who became her mentor, trainer, friend and the man who raised her like a father. Hutton trained her to be a deadly assassin working for the Order of the Flame. It has been twenty years since Hutton took in Jane who is now known as Phoenyx and is legendary.

When Cortez a sand demon gave her information about a nest of vampires she had no idea what that information would lead to, it was a set up and apparently an ancient vampire wants her. What Phoenyx doesn’t know is that coming close to the Nearing, a time when she will change into what she really is, a secret Hutton has kept from her her entire life. In addition to what her secret identity will be she is also an empath and her empathic abilities are what led her to a vampire lying in an alley in severe pain. She feels his pain and has no idea how someone who is dead can feel the amount of pain he is feeling. Tattooed on his chest is Judas which she assumes is his name.

With no idea what to do with the vampire she brings him home with the help of Cortez and when he sleeps and dreams she is once again baffled, it is not something vampires are known to do. The Order once believed to be a secret is apparently not a secret anymore and there are questions that have to be answered regarding Judas and how he is showing signs of being alive. There are also questions that will have to be answered when little by little Phoenyx begins to question who and what she really is and why Hutton has kept her in the dark.

The ancient is Lazarus Morelock and he has a reason for wanting Phoenyx, a reason I will not reveal in this review, but I will say it was a surprise. There are so many surprises, secrets, lies, and betrayals that at times I was left speechless, speechless but none the less surprised and excited. I read this book in less than a day because every time a new question came up I wanted to get to the answer and although most of the questions were answered there is no doubt that there is much more to learn which I am sure will all happen in book two which I look forward to reading.

Phoenyx is an amazing character who spent her entire life being lied to and now finds herself wanting answers from the man who was like a father to her and a man who has kept the truth from her, the truth about her family, her mother and herself.