The Pill Bugs of Time Book Cover The Pill Bugs of Time
Offbeat Crimes Book 2
Angel Martinez
M/M Paranormal Mystery
Pride Publishing
September 20, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

After reading the first novella Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters I certainly required more. The first in this series had enough story and interest for me to see where the Vikash and Kyle relationship would go and what fun theme this author would invent.

The 77th Precinct has a Paranormal Squad that Kyle Monroe has been transferred. His  meeting in a dark alley, with a gelatinous creature has scarred him and given him strange inhuman powers; changing his life forever. We are learning more of the squad and eventually I hope we get to see more of them

The two officers are off on a new adventure both at work and after,  as feelings are meshing at home and at work. While Kyle thinks Vikash has all ducks in a row( we learned this from his POV in the first story) here we see inside Soren and he is a mess. Second book written in Soren’s POV shows us he has lost many male and female lovers with what he struggles with.

This new adventure has a Momma Bug, dropping off babies all over town. One lands on Soren and we have a great Time Travel story with Vikash and the reader going back and forward in time……

Hopefully Kyle who is easy going, sweet and out can get Vikash to drop his fears and give them both an HEA. Story was stronger than the first, and then we have met LJ….Too funny to explain…..Love it Angel.