A Pirate's Obsession Book Cover A Pirate's Obsession
Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 4
M.L. Guida
Paranormal Romance
Buffalo Mountain Press
May 20, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ronan MacMillan had his right hand chopped off by the demon Zuto leaving him a broken man. Desperate to get his hand back he made a deal with Zuto, the same demon that cursed him and his crew to turn into vampires each full moon, only desperation would make him trust that same demon.

Ronan is to find a undine (a water elemental) and mate with her. Combining his vampire blood and her undine blood is what Zuto wants but he wants them to bear a child. Ronan has no intention of divulging what his deal is with Zuto but Mariah a powerful witch knows exactly what happened. She knows that Ronan has absorbed some of Zuto’s evil but she wants information on bringing her brother Lark back from where Zuto’s spiders sent him. She is able to cast a spell to capture a undine in spite of the fact that Ronan refuses to sleep with a “fish”.

Angelica is the daughter of the King of the Undines and she like the others stay far away from pirates since her mother was taken by them and killed. Unfortunately her stubborn streak leads her right into Mariah’s spell and she is captured. Ronan has always been in love with Mariah but she chose William a dragon shifter then when he sees Angelica he is totally attracted to her. The evil growing inside of Ronan is getting stronger and it is Angelica who comes to him when his nightmares get out of control.

Ronan is getting visits from Zuto in his dreams and he is commanded to rape Angelica something he comes very close to doing. Making matters worse Palmer and the Fiery Damsel are pursing the Soaring Phoenix with the intention of capturing Angelica and Ronan. The only thing that scares Palmer is Zuto and he follows orders to the letter. Captured and able to escape Ronan and Angelica finally mate but it is not by force. Did Zuto get what he wanted? Is Angelica with child? Why was Ronan picked from all the crew to be the one to mate with an undine? Why does Zuto want a child with the blood of a undine and a vampire?

As with all the previous books this one is full of sex, violence and edge of your seat excitement. Although this series can be read individually I recommend reading them in order so you don’t miss out on the excitement and romance of each character. There are surprises and secrets revealed but they are not something I will discuss. I can’t wait for book five and wonder who it will be about.