Pirate's Persuasion Book Cover Pirate's Persuasion
Sentinels of Savannah Book 4
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance-Ghosts
Entangled: Amara
June 22, 2020

Immortal pirate Drake Cole has a reputation in Savannah for his custom woodworking and historical restorations, but his work has grown into an obsession. He's become a stranger to his crew since the Sea Dog sank in 1795. None of them know his painful secret. A young stowaway went down with the ship, one that Drake swore a blood oath to protect.

The ghost of a young boy, lost at sea over two hundred years ago, leads local medium, Heather Storrey right to Drake’s door. He saved her life before, and now she has a chance to return the favor, but how can she protect him from a curse that no one can see?

A dark coven possesses the figurehead from the Flying Dutchman, and if Heather and the immortal Sea Dog crew don't locate the relic soon, Drake may be lost to them forever. Heather has seen the passionate man behind the veil of guilt, and she's determined to free him from his self-imposed prison, and persuade this pirate to love again.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This series is one of my favorites which is why when I found out a new book was coming out I immediately requested it. I have read all the previous books, will read all the following books and can’t get enough of the immortal pirates of the Sea Dog that sank in 1795. If you have read the previous books then you know how they became immortal.

This is Drake Cole’s story, the carpenter on the Sea Dog now specializing in historic restorations. He was the one who built the new Sea Dog that acts as a tourist attraction when the crew doesn’t take her out. Cole has lived with guilt since the Sea Dog sank taking him and his nephew Thomas with it. Only Cole lived and his young nephew who he snuck on board and promised to protect didn’t. He can’t come to terms with his failure and has just been existing.

Heather Storrey is a medium who upon a visit to the Oatland Island was approached by the ghost of a young boy asking her to protect his Uncle Drake. Heather is familiar with Drake since he was the one that saved her life when she was working on a case with David Bale of Dept. 13 whose job it is to protect Americans from paranormal threats. She has to warn Drake that according to Thomas witches are after him but since he and his crew are immortal he refuses to admit to anything and brushes her off.

Once again the Serpent Society, a bunch of fanatics trying to earn their way back to Eden make an appearance but the real enemy is a coven of witches. Heather has the gift of seeing and speaking with ghosts and works with Dept. 13 when she is called in. She has been bullied her whole life because of her silver hair and pale skin but she has come through it and is always there to help anyone who needs her.

I am not going into too much about this book because I fear giving something away but I will say that the connection between Heather and Drake is very instant and very powerful. He finally found someone who makes him laugh and wants to live but they have to survive the coven determined to see them dead. As with all the other books in this series there is romance, secrets, suspense and in this book a major betrayal.

I can’t recommend this series highly enough and although you wouldn’t be lost if you didn’t read the series in order you would certainly be missing out on some great reading. There are no cliffhangers and although there are some series where when a new book comes out I barely remember the previous book. I never have that problem with Ms. Kessler’s books because that is how much I love them and look forward to them. I just have to read a paragraph and I remember everything.