A Pirate's Revenge Book Cover A Pirate's Revenge
Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 2
M.L. Guida
Paranormal Romance
Buffalo Mountain Press
July 10, 2014

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When we left off in book one William O’Brien, Kane’s younger brother was cursed only no one knew what his curse would be. Since Kane and his crew were all turned into vampires it was believed that he would also become one, how wrong they were. Since everyone became a vampire William has lived with the knowledge that they were not human and had to learn to accept what his brother and the crew were, blood suckers. Waiting on the full moon for his fangs to reveal themselves and for the thirst for blood to surface William and the rest of the crew are surprised when he turns into a dragon.

William was cursed to have Drakon, a dragon possess his body. Now William and Drakon are one and only if Drakon returns Hannah and her father to Zuto will he be free or he will forever be cursed to be trapped inside William. Lark had to be left behind on the Fiery Damsel and is now the slave to Palmer. Zuto wants Hannah and her father and it is his job to turn Lark into a warlock, forever destroying his white magic. If he succeeds then Maketabori the God of Coaybay promised to free him. Once turned Lark will be powerful only his sister, Mariah Fey is on her way to save him. Is she capable of facing off with demons in order to save her brother, according to her grandmother she is.

While hiding in a cave William meets Mariah who has been told that her destiny is to meet a dragon and with him they can save Lark and destroy the demons. Mariah is the key to breaking the curses of the vampires and the dragon and at the same time save Lark. Combined Mariah and William’s dragon magic will be very strong, the only problem is that William hates magic and doesn’t believe in it.  How can she hope to unite them if he is so against her magic? What chance is there if William doesn’t begin to trust her and Drakon?

It doesn’t take long before William and Mariah begin to feel strongly about each other, only once again he fights it because he is convinced it is not real only some kind of spell. William is quite a stubborn pirate and getting him to accept Mariah’s magic and his own will take some convincing. Not only do they have to fight Palmer and Zuto but a new more dangerous demon has been sent to get the job done and she is fearless and way more powerful than the other two demons. Her name is Natasa and she will make a difficult job near impossible.

I loved this book and although it was William and Mariah’s story Hannah and Kane played a large part in it. There is romance, betrayal, a dragon, vampires, two very strong willed women and two stubborn men. There is quite a bit of explicit torture, but then we are dealing with demons and other very dangerous creatures that is to be expected. I also enjoyed the fact that merging their powers required William and Mariah to have “magic sex”.  William had no problem agreeing to that.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series, there is still more evil out there.

2nd Place Winner: 

Best Paranormal Romance Novel – Shifter Category

2014 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards