Playing House Book Cover Playing House
Dropping Anchor Book 3
Bru Baker
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 22, 2014

College sweethearts Frank and Warner have been together for sixteen years, married for eleven. Having grown up in a freewheeling hippie environment, Frank thinks their structured life is great, although lately he and Warner have fallen into a rut. Frank isn't concerned; it's what happens to old marrieds. Frank’s blindsided, though, when he finds Warner looking into adopting, and Frank realizes just how not okay things really are.

Frank doesn’t want kids. They bring chaos and unpredictability. He had enough of that growing up. Trying to salvage their relationship, Frank and Warner reach out for help. In the process of marriage counseling and working through their differences, Frank discovers his rigid adherence to schedules, anxiety attacks, and host of personality quirks are actually markers for Asperger Syndrome. With the help of a psychologist, Frank’s life gets easier, and he realizes a future with children isn’t as unfathomable as he once thought.

Through it all, Frank is stunned by how much making a family with Warner has boosted the intimacy between them. It’s taken thirty-five years, but he’s finally got a handle on life, and the future looks even better.
2015 Rainbow Awards - Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction Runner-Up

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I am reviewing the third book Playing House of this Bru Baker series Dropping Anchor; all during a one week period. It has been an actual pleasure and honor to have read them and I cannot say enough about them!

This third story surprised me. We had met Frank and Warner in cameos in the other two previous stories. Frank and Warner were portrayed as an ‘old married couple’ of 16 years. I felt as the reader that they were a more mature couple; an accountant and a doctor.

The blurb explains the story a bit, but does not do enough to show what these two men find. The story takes us to when the two make life changing decisions, the fear to change for what they want and how they go with love and patience and fear and friends to get it.

So I have to say this book again was such a refreshing surprise. I also have to note ‘This was saving the best for last!’ Would give 10 stars……