Primal Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit Book Cover Primal Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit
Gemma-Hydrox, Book 6
L.J. Vickery
Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Romance
MTW Press
October 9, 2020

Galvez is unapproachable, grumpy. He’s always a team player, but a loner when not on assignment. His philosophy? Get in, get it done, get out. But the individuals in this particular case aren’t making things easy. Several have gotten under his skin, and the mission is beginning to feel uncomfortably personal. One, brilliant, compelling woman in particular has him rethinking his reclusiveness, propelling him toward making the biggest reveal of his life.

Bambu’s existence has been turned upside-down. She's forced to work for her evil brother, caretake her five-year-old sister, and babysit a galaxial menagerie. She’s barely taken all that in stride when the enigmatic Galvez is thrust into her solar system. What’s she to do when he offers her hope and the potential for a strong partnership…strings attached?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another great addition to a great series and this is coming from a reader whose least favorite genre in books is sci-fi. 

Thomas Wheeler the head of the FPU and his second Martin Galvez have discovered that Zeke is holding prisoner a drangle and they have come up with the perfect plan to free him and hopefully put an end to Zeke’s plans to run the world. However, like all plans there is always that one thing you could never have expected and that is what happened.

Bambu, Zeke’s sister has been forced to help him to save her five year old step-sister who Zeke is holding prisoner. She has been able to create a means of making the captives puppets using nano-waves once subjected to the waves fighting is out of the question. Bambu hates her brother and does everything she can to protect the aliens that have been used by her brother, especially the drangle that he captured. While feeding him she has developed a clip that will in time bring the prisoner back to normal and from the little he has been indicating to her he is back.

As soon as the FPU team arrives all hopes of saving the dangle are lost when the nano-waves incapacitate members of the team and all of them are put into cages including Galvez who is not affected but acts as if he is. Although the plan fell apart, Bambu was able to get word to the other teams in their ships and another rescue mission was attempted. All the captives are rescued but Zeke once again slipped through their hands.

As soon as Galvez saw Bambu he knew that she was his mate and suddenly the grumpy, leave me alone man was smitten. Just the thought of what Zeke has done to her during her time with him makes him livid and wanting blood but keeping her and her five year old sister, Jacea safe comes first. 

Bambu and her sister are just amazing characters, she doesn’t hesitate to ask any question she wants an answer to even if it involves sex and Jacea opens her heart to everyone including Calamity and if you are familiar with this series you know she is the sex on the brain ship.  Bambu wants to know what Martin’s secret identity is, an identity he hasn’t even revealed to his boss or any of his team and it was an identity that surprised me as well.

Amazing characters, suspense, romance, and an entire new description of petals and one that I will always think of when I see a flower. If my petal comment has you intrigued then there is only one way to find out and that is to read this book. Ms. Vickery, what an imagination you have and it always gets my attention.