The Prophecy Book Cover The Prophecy
The Candi Reynolds Series Book 2
April Hollingworth
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
August 19, 2016

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The Prophecy is the continuing story of Candi Reynolds and her group of different paranormal beings who come together to unravel the mystery of a prophecy and how it will impact the future with the Protectors.  This is book two of a series, not a stand alone novel.   In this world Ms. Hollingworth creates, paranormals are known and intermingle in society, however, they are forbidden from doing so in any other than a professional capacity.

This is policed by a group known as the Protectors.  In this second book of the series, Candi Reynolds-witch, and Victor Harlow-vampire, are joined by the paranormal group of women that Candi served with in the Army to follow clues and discover what exactly the prophecy contains and how it pertains to Candi.    This search takes them all over the world, where the group finds themselves in all kinds of interesting interactions with both paranormals and humans.

The author really seems to have found their voice in this second book and as such the story flows more genuinely.  There are still moments where the details cause the flow to stutter, and there are sequences that took me out of the story for a moment to figure out what was exactly happening.  The strength of the story, however, was enough to keep going.   The quest for the prophecy was definitely more developed than the progression of the characters relationships.

While there are some scenes of sex and brief emotional interactions between Candi and Victor, this book feels more like a paranormal adventure/mystery novel than a romance.  The ending of this installment of the series felt natural and left the reader curious about what happens next.