PsyCop Briefs: Volume 1 Book Cover PsyCop Briefs: Volume 1
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal
JCP Books, LLC
October 11, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

The Psy-Cop series by Jordan Castillo Price has probably been one of the most exciting paranormal series that I have read and so enjoyed. Fans of this series know the PsyCop series spans many years. Victor Bayne a Psychic medium, hooks up with Jacob Marks soon partners with in life and job. They become the psychic cop and stiff (non psychic) team of the century.

For this Volume One, Ms. Price has gone and put together a collection of 20 titles, snippets and short stories of moments that might have happened in this wonderful relationship. Wood, Momento, and In The Dark are already in print as a short stories, the others could be moments from the early part of their relationship as our book opens with Coffee O’ Clock.

The book begins giving the reader a rough timeline called When Did That Happen? The snippets, scenes, shorts and larger shorts are written in order of their meeting; their firsts, and seconds give us more incite as to the growing relationship and surrounding characters in their lives that we already know.

As I mentioned previously, the first story called Coffee O’ Clock is pure Vic. It is early in their relationship, where it is new for him to wake up with someone in his bed. It is Vic speak, we are in his head and this is JCP’s best. Vic going from annoyed, scared, and then becoming the humble bearer of breakfast in bed for his new lover.

Thaw, Mind Reader, Stroke of Midnight and No Sale are snippets of an ice skating date, Crash and Vic at the Museum, and Vic and Jacobs First New Year’s which we hear from Jacobs Pov. He is home early from a New Year’s Eve party alone with Vic being called in to work. Vic is catching on to relationship!  We read in No Sale that our guys have combined homes and we see the acceptance that Jacob trusts Vic’s psychic silent vibe that the knife is a No Sale.

We spend first and second Halloweens, a cute short finding an old rock tee shirt at the back of a drawer in Momento. Wood is a sexy romp short story with the guys helping a one-armed family member build book shelves. Sexy and funny, typically JCP!

With 20 stories everyone will have a favorite, maybe two. I know I do! Thank you Jordan for doing this for us as we wait for the next PsyCop adventure….