Punishment Book Cover Punishment
Angels of Death Book 3
M.L. Guida
Buffalo Mountain Press
January 23, 2016

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Blade Angel is a fallen angel filled with anger and a desire for revenge. When Michael, his brother, and Raphael stood by while the woman he loved was raped and killed, his only desire was revenge. He became a demon and helped peddle Xanadu, a hell drug that caused a human to kill and then commit suicide. In spite of the horrible things he has done, Raphael still seems to think there is good in him and he needs to do penance. His penance is that he is now ripped away of any demon or angel powers and is human. He must work at a drug and treatment center for adolescents. When he doesn’t show up for work, Raphael punishes him by burning his hands.

At the time Blade had no way of knowing that being hospitalized with badly burned hands would change him forever. His nurse is Abigail Malcolm. When she asks him if he wishes to have her heal him, he agrees. His hands are totally healed, and he leaves the hospital only to bump into Raphael once again. When Raphael tells him his nurse’s last name is Malcolm, he realizes he was the one that was responsible for her sister’s death. He gave her Xanadu, and it ended with her killing an innocent woman and taking her own life.

As if that wasn’t coincidence enough when he finally shows up at the rehabilitation center, who is sitting at the front desk? Abigail Malcolm. Blade has no doubt Raphael has planned all these meetings. What will happen when she finds out his very first victim was her sister Jessy? He is having strong feelings about Abigail and can’t understand why. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t make it one day at the center. One of the kids there is Abigail’s young brother a drug addict who hates his sister for putting him there. That very day all hell breaks loose, literally. A demon board has shown up at the center and one of the patient’s has turned into a demon, trying to eat her best friend. Abigail’s brother, Brayden, is also involved with this board. Soon it becomes apparent Balthazar, Blade’s old demon boss, is looking to collect souls.

Now Blade has Michael against him, Raphael trying to help him, and Balthazar looking to bring him back to Hell, where he will suffer unbearable tortures for eternity. When Abigail is around, Blade feels calm. He realizes the woman he thought was his angel-mate was not. Abigail is. She is changing him little by little. He needs her, but what will happen when she finds out who and what he really is? He knows he has to save her and her brother from going to Hell. He is willing to make amends and face each person he wronged and ask forgiveness. That is the only hope he has to become an angel again and win back Abigail.

Although I did not read the first book in the series, I had no trouble following the story. The author did a great job of bringing me up to date on what happened previously. The book had romance, sex, angels, demons, hellhounds, lies, and violence. When you are talking about Hell and the tortures inflicted, there is no question that there will be a lot of violence. This is a story of good versus evil and whether love can change a person. The story does not lack excitement. I loved this book and look forward to more.