Quarrelsome Quartz Book Cover Quarrelsome Quartz
Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 7
Mildred Abbott
July 29, 2018

A New Age conference comes to Estes Park, Colorado, bringing a cacophony of tie-dye, crystals, and murder…
As summer draws to a close, the Spirit, Health, and Heart Conference arrives, just in time for Winifred’s sisters to open their store next to the Cozy Corgi Bookshop. To Fred’s surprise, Chakras turns out to be a beautiful addition to the delightful mountain town. The shop even has a room so pleasing in its crystal tranquility that Fred’s corgi, Watson, approves—and hardly anything impresses him.
But not everyone is charmed by the crystals, tarot readings, and messages of personal enlightenment. When a famous spiritualist is found dead, Chakras and the entire town is plunged into a conflict that touches the lives of those closest to Fred.
Although she is hesitant to become involved, it is simply not in the cards for Fred to sit out the investigation. As she and Watson embark on a journey that forces them to take a look into the darker shadows of Estes Park, Fred soon finds herself digging into the secrets of those she loves…

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Is it Book #7 already?  Time surely flies!!!! I can slip away for a quiet afternoon with Winfred and Watson and see the elk cross the street in Estes Park. I love this series where it’s a Calgon take me away moment.

Our focus is now on the twins, Fred’s stepsisters who are opening a new wave shop next door to the Cozy Corgi. The twins have the Spirit Hearth and Health conference scheduled as well, with a beautiful new room designed at Chakras covered with stones for tranquility. Estes Park and the girls do not need another murder, and they find themselves buried in one that takes place in their own Chakras.

This is the 7th book in this series as we watch Fred and Watson take the reins with help always from Katie and Leo…..hmmm and now also handsome Sgt Branson Wexler….suck up much????