Queen of Hope Book Cover Queen of Hope
Kristal Dawn Harris
Holiday Paranormal Romance
Purple Rose Video
December 3, 2020

The Fae King will stop at nothing to find his Queen.

A Queen in hiding will stop at nothing to avoid the Fae King.

Terrence Edward Lamon rose to power after the death of his cruel father. Repeated failed attempts to locate his mate, the true queen, forces him to hunt her himself. Their connection as fated mates acts as a beacon to her soul, and Terrence uses it to his full advantage. He knows she won’t accept him as The King, so he devises a plan to win Rana’s heart, but will it be enough for a reluctant queen to claim her crown, fall in love, and rule by his side?

Rana Antoinette Duvae has been hiding from the Fae for centuries after the murder of her parents. The gift of her family home, Duvae Manor, from the new Fae King seems too good to be true, but the temptation to return home impossible to ignore. When she finds a Fae caretaker in her home and they are locked together during a snowstorm, tension and passion sets them on a course to the truth and the magic of Christmas. Will Rana be able to forgive, love the Fae King, and accept the people she judged so harshly?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  

At the age of eight Rana Antoinette Duvae was taken from the Fae Kingdom when the then king decided that all half-breeds should be killed. Her mother was human and her father Fae so their lives were on the line. When Rana was in school the Fae found her parents and killed them both and for one hundred years she has been on the run never putting down roots and never getting into a relationship. Although she was left all the money she would ever need spending it would draw attention to her so she lived with very little.


Terrence Edward Lamon is the new king since his father’s death and he knows without a doubt that Rana is his one true mate and the rightful queen of the Fae but convincing her to trust him and return to the Fae Kingdom will not be easy since for so long she has held hatred for the Fae. 


When Rana receives an envelope advising her of a new king and that she could now return to her family home she is doubtful but she is done running. Duvae Manor is in bad shape but it is home and when she arrives she finds a handsome man who introduces himself as the handyman Terry. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that it is the king after all he could have picked a different name, Terrence (Terry) not very smart.


Like Terrence she immediately realizes he is her mate but returning to the Fae Kingdom is still not what she envisions for her future in spite of loving him. Can she put her hatred behind her and realize that you can’t judge an entire species because of one bad apple and can she be the hope of the Fae people who have been on the run from a tyrannical king.


Short but sweet love story.