Quinn's Gambit Book Cover Quinn's Gambit
Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn
MM Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Totally Bound Publishing
March 5, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I met Angel Martinez last year at a book convention for RainbowCon in Tampa…I had purchased AURA because the premise is one of my favorite reads….I love paranormal mixed with mystery and from her description of  the book I thought I would love it…Life sorta got in the way and I finally realized it got lost in my to read pile. Thank goodness I took a moment to pick it up…..and  of course I loved it like I knew I would! Now that I have started this series, I am ravenous to continue immediately… Martinez and Quinn have written a story right up my alley ; below is  the blurb:

A magical catastrophe tears the fabric of reality, causing unpredictable holes between worlds through which anything might fall—elves, centaurs, trolls, yeti. The brave officers and employees of AURA struggle daily to help the lost and injured, and contain the irretrievably violent while their research staff scramble to find a way to reverse the effect.
Anything can and does pop through into the human world, sometimes with disastrous and deadly results. It’s a race against time to see if the AURA mages can repair reality and stop the inter-dimensional flood before something crosses over that proves strong enough to destroy the world.

So we meet AURA (The Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation)  where  they are dealing with holes between worlds which are dropping random paranormal beings into the human world. We begin with Quinten who pretends he is “not that magical”  trying to keep under the radar as an unregistered human. Fate has him meet Valerian an elf and an AURA Officer.

Apparently an accident happened at Berkley and magic world merged with our tech world. AURA was formed to help the magical beings dropped into our world to either assimilate or if they cannot they are dealt with accordingly.

First let me tell you I loved the world Martinez and Quinn built! Secondly I loved the two characters.  Val had been a battle prince in his homeland and not very good with people or words.  Quinn was hiding what he was,  a loner….He was I can take care of myself kinda guy. No commitments.  So what is Val to do when he realizes Quinn a human is his bond mate? e trust and relationship and steamy sexy times are well written, both men are broken in their own way and doesn’t love mend all? Let me also mention the surrounding characters were great, and strong support to our heros.

I am so sorry I had not read this book earlier.  I am thrilled these two authors have continued  the series and I have two more books to read…. and let me tell you I am on it. More from me coming.!!!