Ravenous Book Cover Ravenous
John Inman
MM Horror Romance
Dreamspinner Press
June 2, 2020

Terrible things are happening in the tiny town of Spangle, California. Creatures never before seen explode from the shadows. Hunter becomes prey. Man becomes food.

After seeing his lover torn apart before his eyes, Terry Jones sets out with his little pug, Bruce, to escape the mayhem. Secluding himself in a mountain cabin, he lies low, expecting death at every moment. So lonely he almost welcomes it.

From the dreadful emptiness of this terrifying new world where every breath might be his last, a stranger appears. And beyond all imagining, love enters the picture yet again.

With someone at last to hold, Terry rediscovers his zest for life--and his fear of death.

Finally, with Jonas James at his side, he finds the courage to fight back.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book kept me glued to my seat for two reasons: the suspense and because I was scared to death to go into another room so I stayed put. Nonstop suspense, the kind of suspense that keeps you in your seat jumping at every sound.


Spangle, California has been quarantined because it is the source of creatures that at the slightest smell of blood pull a person to pieces. That is exactly what happened to Terry Jones’ husband when a rock hit him causing him to bleed. The bat-like creatures with fangs and claws literally pulled Bobby from their jeep and there was nothing left of him but a pool of blood. Both men had decided to retreat to their cabin in the mountains but unfortunately their decision was too late for one of them.


Terry is alone, afraid to shave for fear a tiny cut could bring the creatures. All he has for company is his pet pug, Bruce. My children had a pug and as little as they are they make up for their size with their giant sized courage. Terry goes into town to get whatever supplies he needs and there is no one there to stop him. He works hard at making the cabin as protective as possible, lining the walls with steel pipes. However, the loneliness after months and the constant nightmares of seeing his husband torn apart is debilitating. He should go, but leaving his home and memories is something he refuses to do, even though he knows he is tempting fate.


Everything in Terry’s life changes because of a rabbit, a rabbit he trapped and a rabbit stolen by a man named Jonas James. Jonas has come into the quarantined town to learn about the creatures and write a book about them. He will learn more than he could possibly want to know, but things look up when Terry comes knocking looking for his rabbit. Unfortunately, while the two men get to know each other Bruce manages to eat the rabbit all by himself.


Both men have lost someone they loved, but Terry’s loss is new. Although he is very attracted to Jonas and desperately wants someone to hold him and share his life with, guilt rears its ugly head. Temptation, fear, and loneliness drop all of Terry’s walls, and he lets Jonas in. Every day could be their last, and they try to live every day to the fullest. Jonas decides that the only way for them to hope for a life is to find and kill the creatures and their search had me yelling “are you stupid” while shaking. If this were a movie I would have been watching with half an eye open.


If horror is your thing then do not hesitate to read this book it had terror, gore, romance, sex and two very brave men and a very brave little dog.