Reaping Fate Book Cover Reaping Fate
Reaping Havoc Book 2
A.J. Rose
M/M Paranormal Mystery
The Grim Writer Press
May 3, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This the second book of A.J. Rose’s Reaper series again gives the reader an interesting mystery in a paranormal setting. The first in the series, gave us Mitch and Nate finding each other and falling in love. Our learning about Mitch Seeker and his family being Reapers and what that all entailed, all the rules he had to follow in his life.

Being immortal for a 300-year life span is an interesting concept, as well as living in the human world. Meeting and falling in love is also difficult having to decide if watching your human partner grow old and die. It took Mitch to fall in love with Nate and the powers that be give them an almost unheard of choice to make them both Reapers.

In this second book, Nate and Mitch are happily married, both Reapers, follow the rules and will have many years to spend together. Nate still works as an instructor on the mountain and Mitch at the book store. It is here the mystery begins when Nate has to harvest a soul who will die on the mountain and he is witness to the man’s murder.

So how do you not tell the authorities what you saw? How could he explain how he knows? It will be bringing on the wrath of the Divinity against you and Mitch. Through the story, Nate struggles with the unfairness and the anger at the injustice of it all. Mitch keeps telling him to ‘stay out of it’ and so does Kathryn their angel boss.

The disappearances and findings of other bodies are making Nate crazed trying to ‘work within the lines’ Can he bring the killer to justice without breaking the reaper rules? Can Mitch not be so hard lined to stay out of it? The clues, the frustration, all that they believe is tested here and A.J. Rose writes a compelling story.

I loved it and cannot wait for hopefully more stories for this series.