Rebuild My Heart Book Cover Rebuild My Heart
Dreamspun Desires Book 75
Ariel Tachna
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 5, 2019

Lexington Lovers

A love built to last.

When Derek Jackson is hired to renovate the LGBT bookstore that’s also Owen Hensley’s home, opposites attract. Derek is a big burly blue-collar guy, about ten years older than slight, sweet, and bookish Owen. As they spend time together, it becomes clear that each handsome outside leads to a beautiful interior. Far from the shy twink he appears, Owen has a rock-solid foundation that helped him put himself through college and start his own business. Behind Derek’s strong façade waits a tender heart that’s been battered by a rough family past—something Owen understands.

After Owen’s runaway nephew lands on his doorstep, it throws a wrench in their plans. Derek can’t ask Owen to choose, but he doesn’t think he can take second place with his lover the way he always has with his family. Can they find a way to keep their romance standing?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Derek Jackson works for Dalton Construction owned by his best friend Thane. He is sent to give an estimate on renovating Hensley’s Books an LGBT bookstore owned by Owen Hensley. Derek was ready with pad in hand but never expected to be greeted by a man with pink hair and an outfit equally flamboyant. He also never expected to be so attracted to Owen and hoped that his company would get the job putting them in close proximity on a daily basis.

Owen is gay and does nothing to hide that fact. He comes from a very small country town filled with bible thumping people who would definitely not be accepting of him, especially his own family. Now a business owner he is immediately taken by the strong, well built, handsome man who will be working on his store, a man he is sure would never want to be seen with someone like him.

Derek is bi-sexual and Owen is everything that he wants. While the two of them spend time together their attraction becomes stronger and when Derek does something Owen never believed possible, taking him to dinner dressed in his usual way, he finally feels comfortable and wanted. His last so-called boyfriend was married and in the closet and left Owen hurt and insecure but Derek is his exact opposite.

Everything is going strong for Owen and Derek until Owen’s nephew comes knocking. I don’t want to reveal why his nephew ran away from home because it is Owen’s story and you should read it yourself. Although his nephew is seventeen Derek begins to feel like he is second place, the place he held in his own family when his father remarried. He and his brother were always second to his step-brother and his step-mother never let them forget it. Now how is he going to once again cope with second place.

Two men who couldn’t be more opposite find each other but Owen has to deal with a teenager in his life and Derek has to deal with what that would mean for his relationship with Owen. How they come to terms with the situation or if they come to terms with it is not for me to say. I will say that this was a beautiful story and the characters were wonderful. Although I loved Owen and Derek my favorite was one of Thane’s nephews Kit who could always diffuse a difficult situation and put a smile on everyone’s face.