Reclaiming Quinn Book Cover Reclaiming Quinn
The Wolves of Lydon Book 2
Parker Williams
MM romance-shifters
Dreamspinner Press
September 1, 2020

Shifter Quinn Adler knew he would live and die as a slave.

Quinn’s life was filled with pain until he was rescued from an abusive pack. But in Lydon, Quinn can’t be sure of anything, so he’s terrified of everything. With no one to give him direction, he is lost—until Deke takes control of him.

Deke Timmons hates that he has to play the role of master to his mate.

Unfortunately, Quinn won’t accept his love until Deke can show him what being mates means. Vowing to help Quinn, Deke takes him into the world he’s never seen. Though sometimes their relationship is tense, his methods seem to be working.

Then a power-mad Alpha swoops in to kidnap Quinn and ends up getting Deke by mistake.

Now Deke must play submissive to a wolf complicit in Quinn’s abuse. He’ll do whatever it takes to get back to his mate—but with Deke in peril, Quinn must find his courage and reclaim the person he was meant to be.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


This is the second book in the Wolves of Lydon series and should be read in sequence.  While each book focuses on a different couple, there is a continuing story arc that threads the books together.  This story focuses on Quinn Adler and Deke Timmons.  Quinn is Sean’s brother from the first book and if possible, has an even worse past.  Deke is a strong wolf that has been helping build the necessary homes in Lydon.  


This story starts off in Quinn’s past and it is hard to read.  Not because of any lack on the author’s part, but rather because Williams too clearly paints such a bleak and horrific picture of the abuse that was Quinn’s everyday reality.  Watching Deke carefully navigate being Quinn’s mate AND patiently avoid triggers from his traumatized history is incredibly sweet and painful.  The story had a certain feel to it with these two figuring out their relationship and the gradual comfort of Quinn with his new “master”.  This makes the abruptness of Quinn stepping up when Deke is taken a little hard to take.  It felt a little fast for Quinn to go from questioning everything he did to questioning his alpha’s actions.  


Deke’s actions felt more natural, even as he was forced to act against his nature while pretending to be Quinn.  If anything it made him seem to appreciate Quinn and his inner strength even more.  I did enjoy seeing the addition of Zach and his brethren into the story and it will be interesting to see how that changes the dynamics.  I did enjoy the final bit of teaser about Lyram and Caleb.  I have been waiting since book one to see what happens to these two and it looks like I get to find out soon.  While this book was not as strong to me as book one, it is a good addition to the series and I am very much looking forward to book three.