Red Book Cover Red
Fractured Fairy Tales Book 1
J.E. Taylor
Paranormal Romance
JET-Fueled Fiction
February 11, 2018

What happens when a werewolf hunter falls for her prey?

Red Locklear regularly hunts all manner of woodland prey, but her favorite kill is the beast that tore her parents apart. The werewolf. Especially the ones that think they own her forest.

When her grandmother does not come back from a foraging run, Red dons her quiver of silver arrows and heads out to find the woman who took her in after her parents were cut down by a wolf pack.

What she finds in the woods isn’t anything like the animals she hunted in the past. Instead, she finds a lone wolf looking for a human connection. Her job is to extinguish the life of these horrid creatures, but seeing the compassionate side of the fiend changes everything Red has ever believed.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ruby Locklear (Red) was 8 years old and on her way to visit her grandmother with her father, mother and brother when they were attacked by werewolves and all were killed. It was only due to the fact that Ruby’s dad put her on his horse when he sensed danger that she alone lived.

Ruby has lived with her grandmother since that night and now she lives in Dakota and is part of the Dakota Guard whose job it is to protect the town from the growing number of werewolves inhabiting their woods. Ruby was very upset when her grandmother announced that she was going out berry picking alone while Ruby wouldn’t be there to protect her. With her grandmother’s insistence Ruby went off to the Guard but never stopped worrying about whether her grandmother would be safe or not.

When Ruby returned home to find her grandmother still not home and it was now dark she went against the law and enterred the woods searching for her. Although Ruby is one of the best archers in the Guard she still would be unable to fight off a pack of werewolves. When she finds her grandmother she is hurt and being protected by none other than a werewolf, a werewolf that has saved her life. Ruby is about to break another law and this one doesn’t just involve prison it involves death but she finds it difficult to kill a werewolf that is helping both her and her grandmother.

With help from Lucas Bayo, the werewolf she finds impossible to kill they are able to get her grandmother to the doctor. When Lucas follows Ruby home she asks him to stay trying to figure out why she is attracted to him, a werewolf. Unfortunately she and Lucas are discovered because she is betrayed by her best friend and now they are both sentenced to death.

I am not going to go into what happens with Lucas and Ruby because it is something you have to read for yourself. I read this book in one night so when I say I loved it I mean it. If you love paranormal and fairy tales then this is the book for you, I know it was for me. There are surprises, romance, werewolves and a town filled with single minded bigoted people.