RED: A Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance Book Cover RED: A Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance
Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romances Book 1
Jessica Aspen
Paranormal Romance
Abracadabra Publishing
January 2, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is an unusual take on Little Red Riding Hood because the big bad wolf is Red and she meets a human.

Red lives in the town of Radon in a section of the Colorado Mountains. She is twenty-two but a mistake at the age of eighteen, getting involved with a human boy has made her family and her pack question her ability to be able to live in the city among humans. She wants to go to college and do something different with her life but that is out of the question. Tired of hearing her complain her mother sends her off to her grandmother’s house never expecting that it would change all their lives.

On her way she meets the new Park Ranger, Evan Brewster and there is an immediate attraction between the two of them but she knows better than to get involved with a human again. When she arrives at her grandmother’s home she finds a note indicating that she has gone visiting for a week leaving Red alone. Unable to stay away from Evan she follows him in wolf form watching as he is setting up cameras and trying to find proof of wolves. She knows that she has to protect her pack and stop him somehow even though what she really wants is to kiss him.

Unfortunately for Red her plans to stay away from Evan in human form doesn’t quite work out because Evan can’t seem to stay away from her. She knows it is wrong to get involved but she wants him and tries to convince herself that she is doing it for the pack, stopping him from finding out about them.

I don’t want to go into to much detail but there is hot sex, shifters and suspense. What happens between Red and Evan is something you have to read for yourself and you won’t be sorry you did.