Regeneration Book Cover Regeneration
Part 2 of The Arcanian Chronicles Book 8
Toni V. Sweeney
Science Fiction
Class Act Books
September 14, 2018

Because he claimed his illegitimate son, Miles Sheffield lost his wife, his home, and his family. A position as Chief Researcher in the Terraformation colony on Élysée seems a good way to regain a normal life.

After the suicides of his wife and two eldest sons, Margrave Aric kan Ingan atones by abdicating the throne of Arcanis. Becoming head of security on the planetoid offers an attempt to assuage his guilt and bring closure.

Neither counted on being the only men in a colony of fifty-three women.

Two men seeking redemption…a jungle sending eerie messages…a whispered word, the scent of a dead woman’s perfume… intrudes into their men’s psyches, offering metaphysical rebirth and longed-for happiness…

…if an evolving threat from Earth doesn’t destroy their chances.

Reviewed by: Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Miles Sheffield and his best friend, the former margrave of Arcanis, Aric kan Ingan has been deposed and fled. Now both men, along with their children, have taken jobs with Terraformation on the planetoid Élysée to get new starts in life. They arrive, only to find out they are the only two adult males on the project and many of the women are going to vie for their attention.

As Miles gets the research farm going, Aric works to secure the colony and the children are put under the care of an android nanny. Both men start seeing and hearing unusual things, dead spouses, disembodied voices and then Aric’s little daughter, Jessica, wanders into the nearby forest only to be returned by what she says is a man who found her and brought her back. No one is supposed to be living on the planet and her claims, at first are dismissed and life goes on.

But things continue to change, the planet, the strange voices and the men’s emotions as they begin new relationships. Mile’s children, who had been taken from him when his ex-wife got a divorce from him want to come live with him and he arranges to have them run-away from the reservation his ex lives on and come to Élysée with the help of Aric’s connections. That action sends both men into a legal problem that will span the galaxy as the Terraformation colony is beginning to suspect that they may not be alone on the planet.

And the solution to many of the things going on is going to change a lot of lives, not the least of which are Aric’s and Miles’s.

Regeneration was a good book. I was a bit hesitant at the first, it starts off rather slowly with the two men talking as they travel, discussing children, life in general, and where they had been prior to the trip. The arrival and surprises on the planetoid move the story along and the hints of what to come are sprinkled in between being chased by the various women vying for the men’s attention. The set-up and execution of the main large storyline late in the book was masterfully done and so vividly written that I could see the action as I read (and no, I’m not going to spoil it for you, you have to read the book).

Regeneration, Toni V. Sweeney’s newest offering is very well done and well worth picking up.