Relentless Flame Book Cover Relentless Flame
Hell to Pay
Jillian David
Paranormal Romance
Crimson Romance
May 4, 2015

Review by Jennifer Kost

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Immortal. Colossal. Suave. Indebted killer Dante Blackstone has the world at his feet. Every vice, any desire, is his for the asking—until he finds the one person he cannot have: one sweet, diminutive woman who could bring about Dante’s destruction.

Despite her supernatural ability to heal others, a devastating act of evil has left Hannah Miller broken in body and spirit. As she rebuilds her life while on the lam, a not-so-chance meeting with Dante chips away at the walls surrounding her fragile heart. But before their fledgling love can take flight, Dante’s boss sends an evil minion with one mandate: Eliminate Dante’s new reason to break his eternal contract.

As they fight to survive, Hannah’s amazing gift gives Dante one chance to save them both from the vicious minion. How can any love survive eternal hell and annihilation?

The answer lies in Dante’s inferno.

Relentless Flame is Book 2 of the Hell to Pay series.  Even though it is the second in the series, it is a stand-alone book, so no worries.

This story details the ups and downs for Dante Blackstone and Hannah.  Even though the circumstances and path to salvation are similar to Book 1, this book feels unique throughout.  Same as Book 1, the characters continue to be well developed and complex.  The scenes are richly detailed and the pace is consistent throughout.

Technically, Relentless Flame is clean from beginning to end with the one exception of the name Peter being used about 1/3 into the story when it should have been Dante.

I did have to adjust in the beginning of Relentless Flame to the abrupt difference I felt in Dante’s demeanor.  In Immortal Flame he was more fun-loving and care-free, yet in Relentless Flame he was serious and brooding.  Maybe what we saw in Book 1 was the façade he showed to others, maybe this was a change by the author, I don’t know…  I miss the fun-loving Dante, but this one works too.

I am anxiously waiting to see if the author will continue the storyline to include Ruth next or maybe go back to Barnaby’s story.  Either would be fine with me.