Riding Hard Book Cover Riding Hard
Hell Ryders MC Book 4
J.L. Sheppard
MC Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
August 19, 2019

Biker Dave "Dodge" Roth has never cared about his bad luck with women. He has other things to worry about—paying off debt his ex accumulated and most importantly, raising his three-year-old son, Cullen. When a new neighbor moves in, his boy makes it impossible to ignore her. Hard to miss, she's beautiful, smart, sexy, perfect...

After her last failed relationship, kindergarten teacher Alexa "Lex" Millen has decided to do without men. She's bought her first home in a small town in California and remodeled it to her liking. Naturally, she's managed to move across the street from the world's biggest jerk. His son's adorable, but he won't mind his own business. If only her engines didn't rev every time he came around.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team  

After years of saving Alexa Millen has finally moved into her new home and will begin her new job as a kindergarten teacher all in the small, quaint town of Wadden. For years Alexa was with her boyfriend Mitchell who whenever the mood struck would leave her only to return again, five months ago was the straw that broke the camel’s back and she was through with him and all men in general. Unfortunately her desire to have nothing to do with men did not last long when a small boy came to visit her while unpacking the car.

Cullen is three years old and lives with his father Dave Roth aka Dodge a member of the Hell Ryders Motorcycle Club and whose first meeting with Alexa did not go over very well. When Dodge saw that his son had crossed the street alone he came storming over without so much as a hello to his new neighbor. Alexa was convinced that what she saw in his eyes was pure disgust for her and now she had to contend with a very handsome but rude man living right across the street.

Cullen attached himself to Alexa visiting often and definitely loving her homemade cookies. Even after an apology Dodge couldn’t keep from constantly saying or doing the wrong thing putting him and Alexa at odds with each other but Lex was falling for this adorable three year old who barely spoke and who was always visiting her so she had to put her dislike for his father on the back burner.

Cullen’s mother was nowhere in the picture, she managed to use Dodge by getting pregnant and finally she got what she wanted, she was part of the club. What she didn’t want was her son only Dodge had no idea how bad she was to his son until the damage was done. She left him with a huge debt that he had to pay off and now that he has a chance with a woman who makes him and his son happy he can’t marry her because she never signed the divorce papers.

The relationship between Dodge and Lex had its ups and downs more downs then ups and it was a work in progress until someone decided to go after her, phone calls, rocks through her window leaving her frightened and unsure of whom she could trust. I won’t say any more since I don’t want to give anything away but this was a wonderful story with wonderful characters especially three year old Cullen.