Ring of Fire Book Cover Ring of Fire
Guardian Witch Legacy Book 3
Ally Shields
Urban Fantasy
Etopia Press
May 22, 2019

She stands between a daemon's revenge and earth's survival...

With her eighteenth birthday approaching, Rayne Calin-De Luca is feeling the pressure. Marked as the Chosen by an ancient prophecy, she and her parents—Guardian Witch Arianna and vampire prince Andreas—have desperately searched the world for the secrets behind the coming battle, when the ancient plague deamon Maelrad will break loose from Hell to wreak worldwide vengeance. So far, the means to defeat him have eluded them, and the inevitable conflict draws nearer with each passing hour...

As Maelrad's power grows stronger, the demon's poison is seeping through the veil and polluting the earth with violence. His minions openly stalk Rayne, her family, and friends. As things turn from bad to worse, Rayne's confidence wavers. How can one novice witch defeat a centuries-old master daemon? She knows the terms of the prophecies forming the Esielen Triad cannot be changed. Armed only with her magic and a dagger, she is destined to face Maelrad alone.

For fans of kickass witches and the compelling men who fight alongside them comes the final book in the Guardian Witch universe. Ring of Fire winds up the action-packed sequel trilogy to the original series with an explosive conclusion.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Rayne Calin-DeLuca has just graduated high school which means she is coming up on her eighteenth birthday the day she as the Chosen in a prophecy written before she was even a thought in her parent’s mind will have to battle Maelrad a daemon who is larger, older, more experienced than Rayne and if she doesn’t win the battle a plaque will be set loss on the world bringing about millions of deaths.

Her father Andreas a vampire prince and her mother a witch and a Guardian are doing everything in their power to find the ring that will determine the battle ground giving them an edge. Knowing where the battle will occur and where Maelrad will finally appear enables them to at least know what to prepare for and not be taken by surprise. unfortunately every time they believe they have the location of the ring it proves to be just another disappointment.

Six years ago Rayne met Nicholas Giovanni and now he suddenly appears in front of Rayne to reveal that he is her sworn protector, a nephilim who bears a tattoo like hers and which appeared on him the day she was born. He is the only one that would be able to confront Maelrad with her and he has the third part of the prophecy to prove it. In order for them to fight together they have to bond making them both stronger a plus but there is also a minus and that is if one dies so does the other. Of course, they could think about it but that would waste time because bonding is the only way for them to go.

Maelrad must be destroyed and even though he hasn’t appeared yet he is causing havoc. With the aid of a wizard he has managed to let some of his evil leak out and it is effecting younger supernaturals. The wizard also has endangered Rayne and is just another evil force that has to be stopped. Since she was a baby Rayne knew that she would face death but as the Chosen her path was set forth for her and neither her mother’s magic or her father’s can change that path.

This is the last book in the trilogy and we get all the answers but are they the answers we were hoping for? Can and eighteen year old witch defeat a centuries old daemon and save the world? Is Nicholas the key to Rayne’s survival? This is a book about good and evil with amazing characters who appear throught the Guardian Witch series, a series I definitely recommend reading from the beginning if you love a romantic series filled with witches, vampires and demons. There is also the mystery of the “ring” a mystery you will have to find out for yourself.

I will end this review with just two words about this series from start to finish “Loved It”.