Rise & Fall Book Cover Rise & Fall
Thirds Series Book 4
Charlie Cochet
M/M - UF Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 2, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Rise and Fall, book 4 in the Thirds series, changes for us. We have been dealing with violence in all of these stories. The Thirds are the defense protecting Humans and Therian’s.  The world order has different plans, hate groups targeting not only humans and Therians and  all children,  but the protectors of all.

We have learned much about the Team, we have learned much about the evil, but this story takes a step into Dex and Sloane’s relationship. We need to see who they really are, what the truths they believe and how their relationship will play out for the future.

Destructive Delta has been ripped apart by The Coalition.  Ash and Sloane have withstood injuries that would have likely killed most. Dex digs down deep inside himself, and decides to go after those who would have killed Sloane. After hearing his team has been put on R&R and when they would return to work, our boys are taken off the case, and team Leader Sebastian Hobbs and his group will take over Dex relies on his detective training.

Dex is in stealth mode, not eating or sleeping, lying to Sloane to his time and where abouts; setting himself up for a giant relationship problem and trouble with his superiors.  The mixing of this problem allows the reader to see more into the team as well and what they will do to aide each other, risk everything for each other. Team, Family, Trust  is their true credo. Charlie Cochet has given us a wonderful reading experience…Great Series.