A Kiss Before Christmas, An Easter Promise, A Christmas Wedding Book Cover A Kiss Before Christmas, An Easter Promise, A Christmas Wedding
Rory and Jack Trilogy
A.E. Ryecart
MM Romance
Independently Published
November 15, 2018, April 16, 2019, and November 19, 2019
157, 134, 170

Dumped by his boyfriend in favour of his best friend, Jack's been busy bragging about a hot new man in his life.
A hot new man who doesn't exist.
With an important function to attend where he'll come face-to-face with his ex, Jack knows he'll be a laughing stock when his boasts are exposed as nothing more than wishful thinking. He's desperate but time, like his options, is running out.
Rory Kincaid is scared he won't last another night sleeping rough on London's frozen, snowbound streets. With all the homeless shelters full, Rory seeks refuge in the first empty doorway he stumbles across.
Finding Rory shivering in the sub-zero temperatures, Jack can no more send him away than kick a puppy out into the cold. A shower, shave and hot drink later, the grubby street kid is transformed into a beautiful young man.
As the attraction between them grows, so does a plan that will get Jack out of the mess he's in and give Rory a warm, safe home for Christmas. Sweet and adorable, Rory will make a great fake boyfriend for the festive season - the problem is, neither Jack nor Rory is sure where make-believe ends and truth begins.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I love Ali Rycart….I have read and reviewed the Deviant Hearts Series and her Barista Boys Series previously….A Kiss Before Christmas and An Easter Promise I somehow missed. When I saw the third of the Trilogy came out November 2019, I grabbed all three to read the entire trilogy.

For those of us who are hunkered down during the World’s Medical Pandemic, you are certainly lucky to get to read these to while away the days; if you have kindle unlimited you also can read these free free.

Book #1 A Kiss Before Christmas

Warning: this novella contains a camp Christmas tree, a drag queen Christmas fairy called Doris, way too many jugs of eggnog, a closet posh boy, and the sweetest Kiss Before Christmas

Jack DeLacy is very dejected on his way home from a holiday party. His boyfriend has recently left him, and it’s really too soon for him to have come to terms with it let alone have a back up boyfriend to date. He gets to his front porch and kicks something with his toe, thinking someone has left trash by his front door.

Rory Kincaid is scared he won’t last another night sleeping on London’s frozen, snowbound streets. Taking cover for a bit to ward off the cold, Jack finds him shivering on his porch. Shocked Jack cannot send him back out in the cold. After a hot shower, and some food, the frog turns into a beautiful prince.
Ms. Ryecart is a master story teller, and we watch as these two slowly grow. Jack needs a date to show off his ‘new boyfriend’ and Rory needs a place to stay. Great Plan!

Book #2 An Easter Promise

***Warning: this book contains a village fete bake-off for the coveted Golden Ribbon, a cuddliest pet competition, and the undying devotion of a dog called Badger***

It’s Easter and Jack has invited Rory home to meet his family. We had noted that Jack was brought up in a more upper class setting than Rory had. The De Lacey ‘family house’ in the country and clothing needed for the event has made both mine and Rory’s head spin. Jack is sure that his family will love Rory just as he does. This trip I knew would be trouble and our author didn’t disappoint. The ‘Estate” was mind boggling, Rory really was better than I would have been, him realizing Jack was like a Prince…….

The backlash from a mother protecting her young was not surprising but to his credit Jack handled it better than most. I loved the small town and its respect for history. The relationship between Jack and Rory is still sweet and growing….Loved this Book 2

Book #3  A Christmas Wedding

***Warning: this story contains two gorgeous men, a mountain of festive food, a punk rocker Christmas fairy called Bunty, and a snowy Christmas Wedding. No cliff hangers, and one hundred percent Happy Ever After guaranteed.***

We are having a Christmas Wedding. Jack and Rory are to be wed at the family estate…OMG the way to the alter is sometimes rife with angst. This was double….

But these two who have found each other, worked together slowly trusting that their future was to be together, fared pretty well. The typical wedding craziness was topped by Ms Ryecart’s surprise for sweet Rory, something we were happy to welcome. The two young men truly belonged together and the author wrote this with simplicity and humor with the love that they deserved. Truly an uplifting 3 books, I’m glad I read!!!