Round of Applause Book Cover Round of Applause
Strawberry Shifters
Marilyn Barr
Paranormal Romance-Shifters
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
December 7, 2020

Aurora Turner embarks on a post-graduate adventure to find her forever family only to be captured by the Sluagh, soul-sucking Fae exiles. While she is grateful to be rescued by the Strawberry shifters, her Prince Not-So-Charming is a little hasty when he starts picking out their wedding china.
Destiny gives James Martin a second chance at love. Aurora may prove to be more of a hazard to herself than the Sluagh ever were. He has the daunting task of keeping her away from sharp objects, and from ogling his best friend, Nate.
Nate Wagner is shocked when Aurora passes the prophesized shifter smell test identifying her as his mate. The beta male competes against the mature courtship skills of James with his own modern twist.
However, will his devotion to James keep her out of his arms or will they create their perfect family—one they never dreamed of?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team   

Another amazing visit to Strawberry, Kentucky where we reunite with all the characters we grew to love in book one. This is not a story of boy meets girl but boy, boy meets girl.


Aurora Turner decided it was time to have an adventure with plans on finding Mr. Right. On her way her car breaks down, too excited about her adventure to bother taking care of the car. She will certainly have an adventure, an adventure that even in her wildest dreams she could not have imagined.


Aurora finds herself a prisoner of the Sluagh the Fey rejects, horrible creatures who constantly remind her that her soul is worth nothing but her long blond hair is. Alison, if you read book one then you are well aware of her story.  She is also imprisoned, but once she shifts into her polar bear she is gone. Fortunately for Aurora her imprisonment is now known to the Strawberry shifters who are planning her escape.


James Martin, a shifter who has kept his animal a deep dark secret, joins Aurora while they plan how to get out. Magic is surrounding the fortress and it will not be easy to get away. Stubborn and tired of being chained up Aurora doesn’t hesitate to twist, turn and bang her chains finally releasing her foot and one hand but that is not enough for her she wants her other hand free and while James sleeps she finds something to actually remove part of her hand so the chain will slip off.


James has done the sniff test and knows that Aurora belongs to him but their personalities are like oil and water and his nickname for her is Crazy Woman. When they finally escape Aurora is embraced by all especially Alison. She knows she is in trouble when her hand gets infected and her options are limited.


Alison is a witch and is now the pack leader. Her mate Grant is busy working at the lab and their son Henrik now twelve has the most powerful magic anyone has seen. When James’ best friend Nate sniffs Aurora he also knows without a doubt that she is his mate and now best friends are close to becoming enemies.


Nate is a jokester while James is the intellect and he moves at a snail’s pace. Nate on the other hand makes his feelings known to Aurora even though it is words and very little action. Aurora finds herself attracted to both of them and wants them both in her life but convincing the two men of that is going to be a monumental chore.


Although the books do not end in a cliffhanger the characters repeat from book to book and it would be better to start at the beginning so that you are acquainted with everyone’s story. Suspense, sex and amazing characters, James and Nate are as different as night and day and Aurora makes choices that I found hard to accept.