Round and Round Book Cover Round and Round
Bronco's Boys Book 4
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 14, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the fourth and final book in the Bronco’s Boys series and I will definitely miss the men I grew to love. Each book revolved around one of four best friends, Zach now married to Bull, Harry, Bull’s partner in Bronco’s and Tristan and finally Jeremy and Lowell referred to by most as Spook. The only one who has not found that special someone is Kevin Foster.

Kevin had a relationship with Ken a police officer who decided to take a job in another state leaving Kevin alone. Kevin loves his friends and their partners but he is jealous of the love they have all found. Kevin could never have expected to find his partner during a fire at Bronco’s. Kevin managed to get a hose and saved the club from total destruction and the fireman who came to check on everything was someone who would change his life. The only name that Kevin could come up with for the fireman was MacDreamy Hotness and as far as Kevin was concerned that was exactly what he was.

Kevin never expected that MacDreamy Hotness would ever see him as a partner but the next fire that Kevin was part of was an accident caused by Kevins elderly neighbor and once again his hot fireman made an entrance. This time Angus MacTavish didn’t leave without asking Kevin to go out with him. Kevin thought he was just normal but apparently Angus saw him as cute. Could Kevin finally have found that special someone to fill his life? As a fireman Angus is known and his reputation is one of screw them and leave them, no commitments in his playbook. Yet he seems to want to be with Kevin, is Kevin once again going to have his heart broken?

There is a serial arsonist that suddenly makes Kevin his target. What did Kevin do to deserve having a mad man try to start fires where ever he is? With all his friends and Angus possible targets Kevin is at a loss on what to do. The fact that he has put everyone in danger is eating away at him.

Once again Mr. Grey has written a book that brings up the fears that gays face. While having a picnic in the park Kevin and Angus hear a small group of kids coming their way and fear was their first reaction. Don’t hold hands, don’t show any affection and hope you get away without any serious pain. In this day and age where going to a Christmas party or going to a movie can be a death sentence it still amazes me that homosexuals find themselves a target.

This is my only disappointment when I read Mr. Grey’s books that the heterosexuals will not read them and really learn what gays suffer through.