The Russian Deception Book Cover The Russian Deception
The Project Book 11
Alex Lukeman
October 10, 2015

A coup in the Kremlin brings hardliners to power, men determined to take back territories lost with the fall of the Soviet Union. Billions of euros pour into Moscow from an unknown source, fueling a secret military buildup.

Director Elizabeth Harker sends the Project team to the Balkans, where the Russian-backed president of Macedonia is suppressing a popular movement threatening to become a revolution. It looks like Moscow is meddling once again in Central Europe. But the reality is not what it appears to be.

Nick, Selena and the team are caught up in a devious plot that takes the world to the brink of nuclear war. Who is funding Moscow's militaristic adventures and why? Can the team find a way to stop a confrontation between Russia and the United States before it starts? The stakes for Nick, Selena, Elizabeth Harker and the world have never been higher. If they fail, civilization will be destroyed.

Failure is not an option...

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Review Chair

The Project Series written by Alex Lukeman is one of my all time go to adventure series!!!  It is written in NOW time;  with the world suffering from such tremendous life threats from all parts of the globe. Missiles, nukes, spies both political and military , government traitors in all countries……This is real life at its worst, and we watch it through the eyes of Elizabeth Harker and her team at the Project.

Eleven stories have been written, with such a wonderful voice, that I am surprised no one has picked it up for a movie or a television series or something. Mr. Lukeman describes scenes like a picture in my mind, I see it as I read it (My palms also sweating, my heart racing and exhaustion after the gang heads home on a mission feeling like I ran, or climbed or fought right alongside of them)

After eleven stories with the project team, Mr. Lukeman still keeps the stories interesting, edgy, and realistic with me always on the edge of my seat.  After eleven stories Harker, Nick Carter, Selena O’Connor, Ronnie Peete, Lamont Cameron and Stephanie Willets have seen changes in their lives both good and bad; with the reader becoming a member of their family in a way. After eleven stories ‘the secret’ Project under President Rice is not so secret anymore and has made very dangerous enemies.

Join me in another wonderful adventure with The Russian Deception. Alex you didn’t disappoint just made it harder to wait for number twelve.

*Winner: 3rd Place Best Romantic Suspense Thriller Novel – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards*