Ruthless Spirits Book Cover Ruthless Spirits
Spirit Voices, Book 2
Sandy Wolters
Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Ghosts
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
July 9, 2018

Terry Anderson’s lifelong dream has come to fruition. Finally his success as an artist affords him the opportunity to purchase the home that has beckoned to him since childhood. What he doesn’t know is, if he moves in, a sinister evil will be unleashed, threatening everything and everyone Terry cares about. As High Priestess of her Wiccan Coven, Rainy Stratton’s sixth sense has never failed to shed insight on anyone who crosses her path. That is…until she encounters Terry. Intrigued by his eccentric style and humor, she finds herself drawn to him, and despite her misgivings, she eagerly entrusts her heart to the man she can’t read. When the wicked come out to play, Rainy and Terry face a battle of good versus evil, but she can’t see how it will end. However, the price of losing is unacceptable. For if they do, the devil will claim their souls. All books in the Spirit Voices Series are full-length, stand-alone novels.

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Troubled Spirits – Spirit Voices Book One is also available at Amazon.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Rainy Stratton is a Wiccan High Priestess and is performing a handfasting I don’t want to reveal who is getting married in the event you haven’t read book one yet, but should. At the handfasting she sets eyes on Terry and when they look at each other there is no doubt that something magical happened. Rainy has the ability of seeing people’s inner most secrets but with Terry she sees nothing except a good man she is totally drawn to.

Terry Anderson is an artist whose work is finally being recognized but all he can think about is the gorgeous woman staring at him. Terry knows that he has to meet Rainy and luckily for him the feeling is mutual. They both live in Arizona a few hours from each other but that isn’t going to stop them.

Terry just bought his dream house a house he loved ever since he was a child and the best part is the studio where he can paint. Rainy owns her own business but before they have a chance to further their relationship Terry discovers that a sinister force is residing in his new studio and after being warned about bringing Rainy in for help and seeing her die in front of him in a vision he is on his own with the help of only his best friend Nathan.

Something wants to possess Terry and the same something wants Nathan gone. Even help brought in to cleanse the house and studio does not last for long and once again Terry and Nathan’s lives are in danger. The one person who can help him is the one person he cares for so much that risking her life is out of the question, but for how long can he and Nathan go it alone without Rainy’s help.

The book explores who and what is living in the home and explores the relationship between Rainy and Terry as it grows. There is also an incident of abuse when Rainy saves a woman and her young child from her dangerous and brutal husband a man who Rainy knows is close to killing the two people he swore to protect.

I loved this story every bit as much as I loved book one and look forward to more.