Safe in His Sight Book Cover Safe in His Sight
Escape Club Heroes
Regan Black
Romantic Suspense
September 1, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer ad Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I LOVE REGAN BLACK!!! There, I said it. I have been reading her work for almost 10 years and she never disappoints. The amount of genres she attempts only show her talent. Everything from her pages are music…she writes rhapsodies.

So, today I am on the threshold of a new series, Escape Club Heroes. Grant Sullivan opened this club leaving the Philadelphia PD. The prequel gave us a rough idea why the Nightclub called Escape Club began. Grant Sullivan a wounded warrior, no longer employed after being injured, could not sit back and twiddle his thumbs. He has the funds to do something for himself and the community he loved to serve.

His dream was to open a night club, fill it with wonderful bands and if he sat in with them during the evening and played, well that’s the perk of being an owner. Right? The employees were handpicked, all from the community, people he trusted.

Young lawyer Julia Cooper, is not having a good day. Sitting in the park during lunch, she gets a series of messages, pictures of her, and texts showing her she is being followed by a stalker. Within the day which is growing worse and worse, this person has accessed her bank accounts, and wants her to give up information on a case she is working on.

Getting this case for a young assistant was a coupe, and Julia’s drive to succeed will not allow her to go to her bosses to lose the position on the team she has just gained.

Mitch Galway is a firefighter on mandatory leave. Tall, sexy, and built, we find him working as a bartender at Escape Club. Julia Cooper has heard about the reputation that Grant Sullivan has demonstrated; his help to people in distress…and Julia is in BIG TIME Distress. Mitch has never been a bodyguard, but he is assigned to Julia 24/7.

Regan Black takes this story to another level of intrigue, with the couple, the families and the reader all involved in this cat and mouse game between the stalker and his prey. I loved every minute of this story and being in POV of Mitch and Julia was wonderful as well. I am so excited to have another wonderful series to read…waiting though…uuggh.