Saving Faithless Creek Book Cover Saving Faithless Creek
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
June 15, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Blair Montague made a deal with the devil when he accepted his father’s proposition, he would pay for college as long as Blair studied business and agreed to work for him for three years. Blair thought his father’s intention was to have his son close and build a relationship with him, how wrong he was. Now his father who owns four casinos in Las Vegas wants his son to go to Newton, Montana , a place that still holds bad memories for him.

When Blair’s parents divorced his mother moved them to Newton where Blair found himself the target of bullying. Food thrown in his lap, being thrown into a locker which to this day left him with a scar, all his nightmares are wrapped around one boy, Royal Masters the very same Masters that he is going to have to negotiate with for property. His mother now lives with his stepfather in Newton so on the plus side he can at least visit her. It has been ten years since he left Newton and the memories are as fresh in his mind as if they happened yesterday.

Ready to do what he has to to finish his negotations as soon as possible he heads to the Faithless Creek Ranch to meet with Mr.Masters only to find out that he died and it is none other than his bullier that he will have to negotiate with. According to everything Blair was told by his father the purpose of purchasing this ranch property is to have cattle and supply his own beef for his restaurants and that is what Blair believes.

Blair is gay and realizes that he never fit in at school it wasn’t until after that he realized why he always appeared to be different. Royal does not come off as a bully now but Blair is not going to let his guard down, as far as he is concerned once a bully always a bully and he is not going to forgive or forget. It is Blair’s mother who explains that Royal may be a totally different person now. Royal was in the Marines and lived through losing most of his unit. Time changes people and Blair has to be willing to try to accept that Royal may not be the same person he was in high school. Royal apologizes to Blair for bullying him but realizes that Blair can’t put the past where it belongs, in the past.

Working together to reach an agreement over the price of the land Blair sees a totally different man that he ever expected but he is still waiting for the other shoe to drop. He finally finds out that Royal is gay but afraid to step out of the closet. Can Blair make him see that living a lie is more painful than the truth. Being gay does not make you a coward, hiding away does. Is there any hope for this bully to find a way to be who he really is and face those who won’t accept him? Can Blair help him to become the gay man who looks you in the eye and says I am gay and proud of it?

This book contains explicit sex scenes, lies and betrayals and proves that bullies come in all sizes and shapes and some of them may be very close to you. Not all bullies are strangers. If you haven’t read any of Andrew Grey’s books you are missing out on some amazing stories of men who have to come to terms with their sexuality and learn to face those who dare to belittle and bully them.