Say Yes to a Mess Book Cover Say Yes to a Mess
Dreamspun Desires Book 103
Elle Brownlee
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 17, 2020

Can a fake engagement become a real marriage?


Wiley Grey is stuck in a rut. He loves his picturesque hometown, helping in his best friend’s bakery, and the house his grandmother left him. But something’s missing.


Holt Leydon never intended to become a reality TV show host. When his flamboyant brother, Kit, needed a handyman on the set of I Do!, Holt fell into the role, using his expertise to make Kit’s wildest wedding designs come true. Now he’s ready to move on. Kit has agreed on one condition: they rescue Kit’s would-be ratings bonanza “coming home” episode by making Holt the groom.


The problem is Holt needs someone to marry, and fast. Something compels him to ask childhood friend Wiley—and Wiley agrees to the pretense.


Kit gets his dramatic last episode, Holt gets off the show, and Wiley gets some artificial excitement and a “honeymoon” on the show’s dime. It’s perfect—until the grooms start wishing their pretend engagement was more reality and less TV….

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is such a sweet read.  Adding the reality wedding show to the fake fiancé trope gives this book some fun twists and turns, starting with who is actually getting married in the first place.  Watching the relationship move forward as wedding planning happens, knowing they have to figure out how to call it all off, makes it easy for the reader to get invested in all the shenanigans.  Having two really good guys, who in turn have to perpetuate a lie, creates some good tension in the narrative as well.  Wiley is, by far, my favorite character.  He is such a genuinely good guy with truly uncomplicated needs and dreams.  His involvement in the scheme makes it so much more interesting.  I would have loved to have seen more development of the romance between he and Colt, but what was on the page was pretty successful.  This is a great weekend escape and will leave you with all the warm fuzzy feelings you want from a sweet romance