If The Seas Catch Fire Book Cover If The Seas Catch Fire
L.A. Witt
M/M Thriller
January 3, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

L.A. Witt takes me down paths; I would never try without her. This story included. If you are looking for a simple story, this is not what you would purchase. But if you want to invest your time, in a story with a stellar plot,  a well planned path, a good mystery, plenty of angst, plenty of sex….this one’s for you!

The two main characters have one thing in common; The Mafia. Sergei Androikov was a child when the Mafia wiped out his entire family. From that moment on, his life’s work was to destroy it. For years he plotted, planned becoming a contract killer for the people he hated, weaving a spell through the three ruling families who ruled the city he lived in.

His plan was to take them down from the inside and so far as he worked as a gay male stripper, lap dancing thru jobs,  things were looking good..

Stepping out of the bar one night to smoke, his hearing a scuffle,  Sergei steps into the life of Domenico Maisano.  Dom is a  ‘made man’ and  the Hit Man for the Maisano Family; a position we learn is not his first choice or his second or his 50th. The noise is two mafia goons beating Dom close to death, and Sergei steps in not knowing who the protagonists are, just wanting no cops called at his place of work.

The chapters move between both of their POV’s and we watch each man sniffing, and pawing the ground as they work out what they want from each other, lust lust lust.

The author slowly shows us each man, hiding what they want and need, yet sesing they have found something in each other they can’t seem to stay away from.

The noose is closing slowly around Sergei getting what he started, and Dom’s hatred for his life, with no escape without concrete shoes. The time this author takes allowing  these men to just feel, allowing them to ‘want’ is beautiful in itself.

To believe these two could walk away was not in the cards from the beginning, you did have hope and the conclusion worked beautifully….. I loved the book and hope you will as well.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**