Secret Relations Book Cover Secret Relations
A Finn O'Brien Thriller #3
Rebecca Forster
Mystery Thriller
March 3, 2018

The last thing Finn O'Brien wants is to come between his partner and her daughter, but Amber Anderson is desperate for his help. Her new boyfriend, an undocumented immigrant, is missing. Uneasy about keeping a secret from his partner and hindered by the prejudice and politics of the LAPD, Finn is tempted to turn a deaf ear to the girl's plea - until the first body is found. Fighting a system that wants to turn a blind eye, Finn tracks a serial killer who preys on the most vulnerable, one with a gruesome secret that has been buried under decades of shame. To stop him Finn O'Brien must navigate a shadowy world where life is cheap - even his own.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca….I love this series.  I love everything about it. Your imagination must work overtime young lady. You are amazing!

You have built this world into a living breathing entity. Our two police partners are wonderful. Handsome, tortured Finn is such a complicated man, and his partner Cori again a complicated woman. The two have been joined together after different life changes.

Finn will soon be newly divorced, has many regrets about himself and the loss of his marriage. Cori has had a complicated life raising a daughter alone and then having her daughter have a pregnancy resulting in a grand baby and three sharing a  small apartment.

The first two books were excellent, and I was so excited for this the third! As always our author slowly lets the reader see all Pov’s and writes them flawlessly.  Being a California author Ms Forster takes on the trials of the people who live in the shadows. Those that have come here because the promise of America and a better life have them dreaming of America. Some come with papers and some do not, braving many hardships at the hands of the unscrupulous ; knowing these undocumented are tortured and killed and cannot say a word. This is their story!

Cori’s daughter enlists the help of Finn, asking that he not tell Cori. Finn hates the position he is being put in but is told that a ‘friend’ at work has not returned and can Finn help find out what could have happened to Pacal.

Learning he is undocumented, Finn has very little to go by, but eventually he and Cori start looking into a killer of Hispanic workers, and we get to watch some of them thru the killers eyes. Okay, I had to put the book down a few times, not that it was making me queasy with blood and gore, but the timely book now when we are going through a maelstrom of hatred in America, it truly made me cringe that really this could happen ….In My America.

Great writing, great thriller…..Thank you Rebecca for reminding me that there still are good people in this world to thwart the bad.